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High Energy Flexible Magnets

High Energy Flexible Magnetic Bands:

These are made of a High Energy flexible magnetic material magnetized to 1750G with north magnetic pole on one side and the south on the other. As Dr. Sierra since 1970 used to, we cut them according to the body part that will be used. The neck band is design to be used as a 1” cylinder that you can use by itself or hide under the collar of a blouse or shirt. Because they have an appropriate magnetic strength these can be used all day, just take them off when you shower, and back on again. The knee and back bands are prepared in a way that you can hold them in place with any wrap or attach with other magnetic supports, it can strengthen other magnets you wear.

Manufacturing High Energy Flexible Magnets

The raw material goes through a calendering process and then is formed into strip. It can then be easily machined to size and magnetized. High energy flexible magnets are anisotropic (oriented), whereas standard flexible magnetic material is not. Therefore, high energy magnets are limited to magnetization through the thickness, and are similar in strength to a Grade 1 ceramic magnet.  Our N-1, N-2, N-3, Domino and Water Cylinders are Grade 8. 

Attributes of High Energy Flexible Magnets

  • Higher resistance to demagnetization, which magnetism will last many years.
  • Free from chipping, cracking or shattering when compared to our Ceramic, Alnico magnets
  • Flexible to contour to any part of your body.
  • High energy product.