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Alloy Plated Rings

Alloy Rings have 2 powerful neodymiun negative pole magnets, one at each end from 1,200 to 2000 gauss .  You will find Magnetic rings that are made of copper, no plating.  

A magnetic ring can simply be placed on the finger with the arthritis. This this magnetic ring on 24/7 to provide magnetic therapy to your finger. 

Magnetic Rings that are silver plated, gold plated or in both silver and gold plated. These are flexible in size to fit every finger. Some have matching cuff bracelet!

Fat Reducing Rings are Back!

Wearing this ring: (Thumb - reduces fat of the face), (Index finger - reduces fat of the arm), (Middle finger - reduces stomach), (Fourth finger - reduces fat of the waist), (Pinky finger - reduces fat of the thigh)