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Cel-Factor Cell Phone



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The Only Clinically Proven cellphone protection product that helps protect your body from EMF and cellular radiation.  

Choose between Flat or Domed

The flat one is designed to be installed between the phone and a cellphone case. Protects your body from EMF and cellular radiation.

CeL-Factor  is also the only product that has has conducted both thermographic and blood testing since 2004 and has had an independent SAR testing (Specific Absorption Rate) which is the cell phone industries standard for safety measurement) conducted in 2011.  

CeL-Factor technology (researched and developed in the German scientific community) provides precise communication on a cellular level that helps keep cells organized or communicating when distortion occurs from EMF radiation generated by devices like cell phones and other mobile devices, which use produce radiation in order to operate.

CeL-Factor’s effort to build a robust technology has been well-researched with scientific backing that proves our technology is useful in solving the known and real problems EMF radiation creates. As The proven leader in EMF radiation protection, CeL-Factor™ provides a solution that can be applied across multiple electronic device like cellphones, tablets, laptops, headsets, baby-monitors, TVs etc


Our Children
Are The Most Vulnerable!
This is how far cellphone radiation penetrates into their heads!

Damage from cell phones comes from two sources. The first damaging source occurs from the Near-Field Plume of radiation generated by the cell phone’s antenna. This plume of radiation extends out a distance of six or seven inches from the antenna in all directions. The near-field plume has been studied most extensively and contains the most intense energy. It is able to penetrate deep into biological tissue. This radiation is absorbed when the cell phone is held in close proximity to the body.The second form of damage comes from a radio wave called the information-Carrying Radio Wave, or ICRW. The cell phone signal is made up of two parts. The first part of the signal vibrates at 600 to 2500 megahertz. This wave is moving much too fast for the body to recognize and, as far as we can tell, is not causing any harm. However, when a person speaks or sends a text message the information is “piggy-backed” or packeted onto the first radio wave. This creates a second wave or signal which is called the information-carrying radio wave, or ICRW. It vibrates at a frequency down in the hertz range. In this range the ICRW is recognized by the body and it is this wave that is causing damage. Data Sourced From Report “The Cell Phone Poisoning Of America” Written by Lynn Quiring, Rph CCN, NMD – Logical Health LLC


Your cellular energy is now used for protection rather than metabolism. Cell membranes weaken keeping nutrients out and waste products in.
This causes waste to accumulate inside the cells creating a higher concentration of free radicals, leading to both disruption of DNA repair (micronuclei) and cellular dysfunction.

THE DANGER: Unwanted cell death occurs releasing the micronuclei from the disrupted DNA repair into the fluid between cells (interstitial fluid) where they are free to replicate and proliferate. This, says the cellphone industry’s Director of Research, Dr. George Carlo, is the most likely mechanism that contributes to cancer.
Damage occurs to proteins on the cell membrane resulting in disruption of intercellular communication. When cells can not communicate with each other, the result is impaired tissue, organ, and organism function. In the blood-brain barrier, for example, cells can not keep dangerous chemicals from reaching the brain tissue, which results in damage.

You Need To Protect Yourself
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CeL-Factor™ is the only “Clinically Proven” cellphone protection solution sold on the market today.