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Clear-Vision - Clear Vision Support

All Natural Herbal Vision Formula
Support & Maintain Healthy Vision

Supports the body with healthy vision. This formula also supports healthy digestion and liver function which are essential to good vision. Optimal results can be achieved with consistent use. This ancient Chinese formula dramatically supports improved eyesight and good health of precious organs. It provides a suport to circulation and supports organs that influence eye function. Vision plus Lutein is a proprietary blend of the key ingredients Rehmannia Root, Dioscorea Root, Cornus Fruit, Peonia Mouton, Hoelen Herb, Alisma Root, and Lutein, which combines together to promote overall health of sight organs.

Macular Degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and vision problems.



LUTEIN (5%) 20 mg : Lutein is an important compound in the human body, but the body does not manufacture lutein.  Lutein provides nutritional support to our eyes and skin, the only organs of the body directly exposed to the outside environment.  Lutein was found to be present in a concentrated area of the macula, a small area of the retina responsible for central vision. The hypothesis for the natural concentration is that lutein helps protect from oxidative stress and high-energy light. Several studies also show that an increase in macula pigmentation decreases the risk for eye diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) 1-3



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REHMANNIA ROOT (Rehmannia glutinosa) : An herb noted as a blood purifier, Rehmannia's tonic properties assist in new cell development of the delicate cell tissue of the eyes. Viscous or sticky blood can restrict proper circulation through tiny eye capillaries and congestion may occur. Nutrient matter and oxygen must be carried by free flowing blood to feed tissues and remove waste matter. This is necessary or the tissue becomes dull and lifeless, soon affecting visual perception.

DIOSCOREA ROOT (Dioscorea batatas) : Dioscorea has tonic and restorative properties.

CORNUS FRUIT (Cornus officinalis) : This herb is an excellent tonic and stimulates fluid movement to and from each cell.

HOELEN HERB (Poria cocos) : This herb helps to balance tissue fluids and promotes eye circulation.

MOUTAN ROOT (Paeonia moutan) : Chinese doctors consider this herb key because general health and integrity is essential. Moutan gives rigor to the body and has specific effect on the spleen, liver, stomach and intestines. All of which will influence health of the eyes.

ALISMA ROOT (Alisma plantago) : Alisma is believed by the Chinese to make sight and sound more acute.

CINNAMON BARK (Cinnamomum cassia) : Cinnamon is a carminative, sedative and tonic to digestive organs.

ACONITE ROOT (Aconitum carmichaeli) : Aconite reactivates degenerated organs and causes mild diuresis.

Suggested Dosage : Take 2 to 3 capsules three times daily or as directed by a Health Care Professional.

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