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Fuze Black/Black + Crystals


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The T1i is now called the FUZE. The Official ENDEVR™ FUZE Series Ion Bracelets are where fashion meets health. In addition to our IonTech™ included in each of our products, the Fuze features four additional components of health technology including:
  •  a far-infrared bio-ceramic blend,
  • a powerful 600 gauss magnet,
  • pure germanium and
  • naturally energized tourmaline. 

ENDEVR™’s IonTech™ utilizes natural minerals and gemstones including Germanium and Tourmaline. These minerals are unique in their ability to generate healthy levels of Ions.

Of course you can. IonTech™ works in water and the products can be hand washed and air dried. It’s a really bad idea to put it in a washing machine or drier.

You bet. Many of our bracelets can be worn either way. The IonTech™ is generated from the minerals embedded throughout the silicone.

Why should I wear IonTech™ products?

It helps a lot of people feel better overall. With the demands of our modern, fast-paced life, you need every edge you can get to perform at your highest level. ENDEVR™ products work to give you IonTech™ which help many people feel better overall, wakeup feeling more refreshed, or have more energy.

FUZE Series ion bracelets are made with comfortable, surgical grade silicone. It's our most advanced bracelet yet.

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