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Hemp Plus Peppermint 1oz


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100% Cannabis Sativa Oil 250 mg † 

  • Cold-Pressed Oil
  • Cannabidiol Rich
  • 100% certified organic 
  • Safe for adults, children and pets 
  • Contains zero (0) THC.
  • CO2 extraction 
  • Full Spectrum
  • Gluten Free
  • 4.2mg of Cannabidiol per serving of 15 drops.

Flavor: Peppermint 1oz

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of more than the 60 components or active ingredients that belong to a class of molecules called phytocannabinoids that are found in cannabis, the plant that has been used as medicine for centuries.  It is the most noteworthy natural cannabinoid and makes up to 40% of the plant.

Different from THC, CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive impact, allowing consumers to access the beneficial effects of cannabis without the euphoria.

CBD oil is extracted from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the Cannabis plant while cannabis oil is produced from the hemp plant seeds. People mix the name CBD with Cannabis. CBD is one component of Cannabis. There are several types of Cannabis and the most common are Cannabis Sativa which is ours and Cannabis Indica which is more prominent in marijuana plants.

Cannabis-oil is being scientifically studied and proven to be successful treating many diseases by affecting our own endocannabinoid system of the brain, which is the regulatory system of the body that maintains homeostasis (internal stability) in the other systems.

Medicinal Properties that it may help*:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Promote deep sleep.
  • Digestion and lack of appetite.
  • Reduce inflammation, nausea and vomiting.
  • Pain, Autoimmune disease and Cancer.
  • Protect from cardiovascular disease.
  • Aids concentration.
  • Effect of an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Effect of an anti-spasmodic and anti-epileptic.
  • Effect of a neuro-protectant and powerful antioxidant.


Take 1 to 10 servings by mouth up to twice daily, hold under tongue for 15-20 seconds prior to swallowing, or as directed by a health care professional. *Individual results may vary.*

Serving Size: Fifteen (15) Drops (.5 ml)

Servings Per Container: 60 

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil.

Link here for Dr. Sierra’s Naturals Hemp  Oil Dosage

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.