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Magnetic Eye Mask


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Magnetic Eye Mask

Eye mask features space age ceramics and magnets.  Relieve sinus congestion, facial pain and eye strain quickly and naturally with Magnetic Eye Mask. Four 1,000 gauss powerful magnets create a therapeutic field, effectively soothing headaches and working to quickly penetrate deep into the sinus cavities where inflammation begins.

It is essential to combine it with Dr. Sierra's domino magnet or eyeshield for painful migraines.

  • Four 0.2" dia, 1,000 gauss, all bionorth (-) pole magnets surround each eye (8 total per mask).
  • Also hundreds of small bioceramic dots radiate natural infrared healing energy, creating comfort and warmth.
  • Our eye mask comfortably surrounds your eyes, forehead and temples in a fabric that helps block out light to allow you to enjoy more restful sleep.
  • The front of the mask uses an attractive silver material.
  • 4" x 12" contoured mask includes Velcro straps.
  • One size fits most.   

Ideal for use when traveling, sleeping, napping or anytime your eyes may need a rest.