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Platinum Magnetic Knee Brace S



Price: $109.90


Recommended by health and fitness professionals worldwide for arthritis of the knee, tendonitis, sports and work related injuries, and recovery from knee surgery. The focused, high-energy configuration of large powerful magnets in the Platinum Magnetic Knee Brace more effectively relieves knee pain and swelling.  Therion supports and braces are made with patented Acticel high-performance fabric. Acticel provides superior compressive support, and offers significant advantages over other neoprene and elastic support materials.

Acticel technology maintains an ideal comfort zone between your skin and the support at any level of physical activity, allowing Therion orthopedic supports to be worn for long periods of time without overheating and without perspiration build-up.  The Platinum magnetic knee brace provides excellent compressive support, but it doesn’t restrict your movement. It can help you to more rapidly improve joint function, and can help to significantly speed up the natural healing process.  Padding on the front provides extra protection to your kneecap, and a popliteal cutout prevents pinching behind the knee.

Platinum gray color.    

Relief from chronic knee pain, sprains, tendonitis and arthritis.  Ideal for speeding recovery from injuries and surgery.  Acticel technology ensures that body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent during a wide range of activities.  Reduces strain and promotes faster healing                                           

Magnet Size:  3/4" diameter x 1/4" Magnet Size:  ¾" diameter x ¼"
Magnet Quantity:  10
Polarity:  Bio-North (Negative) facing the body
Magnet Type (Primary):  Neodymium
Magnet Type (Secondary):  Anisotropic Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating:  13,800 G / 4,300 G
Effective Penetration*:  7.75"
Support Material:  ACTICEL™ comfort control fabric
Additional:  Velcro adjustable; soft inner lining