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Travel Magnetic Pad


Price: $72.00


The Travel Magnetic Pad is an ultra light weight making this pad great for laying in your bed, sofa, chair or traveling. It has 160 -800 Gauss magnets, marked North (Negative) Magnetic energy on one side. This is the side to lay upon.  

Benefits from Magnetic Therapy:

  • For circulation, relaxation or pain relief. Some studies have shown that magnets embedded in the magnetic mattress pad can help improve circulation, prevent build up of calcium and provide optimum comfort for people suffering with joint or muscle pain. 
  • The magnets may work with the iron in your blood thus speeding up the blood flow throughout your body.
  • Providing magnetic energy to your body where ever you put the pad.

How long will it take to see results from the magnetic mattress pad? 

Magnetic fields will influence different parts of the body in different ways. The length of time the magnets will take to resolve any symptoms of the injury depends on the severity of the injury. How much inflammation is around the injured area, and/or what caused the injury.

Travel Pad Size 24" wide and 36" long. This magnetic pad is light weight and compact when folded, it easily fits into luggage, to ease those aches and pains of travel while enjoying the energy of magnetic therapy when you are ready for bed or it can be easily used as a blanket or throw while you are on the couch or recliner.

Magnetic Pad Construction:

  • Stamp Quilted Padded Nylon
  • 160 ½" diameter by 3mm thick health grade ceramic magnets 800 Gauss
  • Extremely Light
  • Satin finish quilted nylon
  • ¼" pad thickness

This magnetic body pad is easy to store for traveling without taking up much space because of their light weight and thin construction, and easily folds to a compact size.

Now you don't have to be without the benefits of magnetic therapy when you're away from home for business or pleasure. This is also an excellent item for your second home. Or this magnetic travel pad can be used as a magnetic blanket, or throw to keep encompassed by magnetic energy.