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Health Care Professionals, health food stores, retail stores implementing natural alternative products.

Help your patients/clients even more with the benefits of professional magnetic therapy, doctor quality nutritional supplements and topical analgesics, orthopedic pillows and now superfoods.

We make great effort in searching and analyzing magnetic and non-magnetic health products so you can be confident that you are offering the highest quality products to your patients or clients. Besides Dr. Ralph Sierra's original magnets, we carry products from the US, Canada, Asia well almost from the world.

By signing up for a professional account, you receive a practitioner discount on all products.

And also HMS provides extensive support for health professionals, including:

  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Educational literature (ex. Brochures, Pamphlets)
  • Patient literature
  • Seminars

Please consider this wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your patient/client care with this simple, but effective complimentary therapy. There are no fees, no solicitations, and your information is kept private.

Send us an email that you wish to join our Professional Opportunity Program. We will then send you our affiliate form for you to fill and the details of joining our program. After approval of your professional account application, we will email you a discount coupon code that you will apply at the end. We will let you know your percentage discount.

As Dr. Ralph Sierra used to say:

The finality of this exposition is for health professionals and therapists to become interested in the magnet’s possible therapeutics properties, so that the public can count on another instrument of great utility in its already extensive use.

As Dr. Irma Sierra presently says:

The finality of this exposition is to share our common purpose in bringing wellness products into all lives of the world.  Not only applying the correct magnetic energy products, complementing your nutritional style, correct orthopedic/ chiropractic neck and back supports and much more.  Together we will change people from sick to well!


Website private log in is currently unavailable.  In the meantime, give us a call at 1.800.761.5767 or send us an email to and we can open an account and email you the Wholesale/professional price list.  Please be advised, we do have to confirm your business before we send you any documents.

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