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Be on the lookout for Dr. Irma Sierra's favorite products, enough to identify her brand with labels DSM or MPH.

All our bands and orthopedic supports with magnets (North Polarity) provide a firm support, protection and comfort at any level of activity for the area being utilized. They help the body heal naturally.

An important note: We verify each magnet polarity and strength of every support we sell as a guarantee they are all NEGATIVE polarity to your body, and that each magnet has the strength that it says it carries!

North pole to the skin is the appropriate magnetic energy, negative ions, that can help you to relieve your pain and live pain-free. Whether your problem is occasional, acute or chronic pain, north pole magnetic therapy is a safe and natural solution with no side effects.

In most cases, the magnet will provide very quick relief from pain. Cases of more chronic pain may need longer applications and prolonged exposure to the energy fields.  

And if at first you don’t feel any change we recommend trying again. A little more persistence and what may seem hopeless will turn out to be a glorious success.

You can never use the magnets too much.  Dr. Irma Sierra says, “Just take them off when you shower or take a bath and put them back on!”

  • To start we recommend 4 to 5 hours of continuous use.
  • Keep a supply handy for first aid use. You can take them with you!
  • We urge you to write to us and share your experience, it will help others see how they also can be helped.

Click here to read and learn about Magnetic Therapy Research  

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