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The Healing Power of Magnets

The principle guiding magnetic therapy is that magnetism and electricity mutually influence and act on each other. The application of the appropriate magnetic field (North or South polarity) to balance these two forces within the body will restore health and/or relieve pain. North polarity always relieves pain. Our variety of magnets when applied and used properly can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. The magnets promote and facilitate circulation and increase oxygen to inflamed or injured cells thus decreasing healing time.

You will see most products that fall with Dr. Irma Sierra's name and the brand Dr. Sierra Magnets. These magnetic products have been carefully selected to meet the best standard of Biomagnetic Therapy following Dr. Ralph U. Sierra's Research and the 40 plus years of Dr. Irma Sierra expertise as a Chiropractor and a Biomagnetic and Electromagnetic Energy, Health Care Provider.  

Dr. Sierra Magnets, Magnetic Products for Health
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