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BioMagnetic Jewerly

Choose the best Magnetic Jewelry for Health. Static Magnetic therapy.

Verified All North, ANIONS, Negative polarity to the skin. 

Our bodies "recharge" with anions which permeate the blood stream by absorption through the skin. These particles help to optimize and regulate key cell functions such as regulating serotonin, the mood chemical, to optimal levels.

Anions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which allows for more mental energy, greater alertness, and decrease in drowsiness.


  1. Improves Blood Circulation.
  2. Strengthens Immune System.
  3. Relieves Muscle Pain.
  4. Relieves Arthrits Pain and Inflammation.
  5. Relieves "Carpal Tunnel" Pain.
  6. Reduces Tiredness and Fatigue.
  7. Cheers you up.
  8. Combat Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Lack of Energy, Headaches.
  9. Being Negative Polarity to the skin: Reduces acidity of the body and improves calcium.
  10. Strengthens the body's metabolism.
  11. Rejuvenate while you charge your cells with Magnetic Energy!
  12. Last but not least important: against WIFI. Wearing Magnetic Jewelry Daily: Protects the body from electromagnetic energies produced by the cell phone, tablets, iPad, microwave, television, etc.

Magnetic Jewelry provide an outpatient Bio-Magnetic Therapy, day by day, hour after hour!

If you live disconnected to the natural magnetic field of the earth or need and want to strengthen your energy level, it is very important that you use a magnetic piece of jewelry to strengthen it. You will find bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings and rings for the hand or foot, manufactured in materials such as hematite, rhodium, copper, stainless steel and titanium, gold or silver plated.

Beware of imitations, they may look the same, but not be the same. We verify that each magnet is Negative polarity.

We now invite you to browse our extensive range of Biomagnetic Jewelry and buy with confidence that your magnetic jewelry meets the highest standards in magnetic therapy.

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*Exception are our Pearls, these are very strong Hematite magnets that are with bipolar, a balance of north and south polarities.