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Body Magnetic Points

Accu-point are a revolutionary new magnetic therapy patch systems.  Designed to provide continuous, site-specific pain relief.  Since humankind's existence, magnets and many different metals have been used for balancing the body's energy. It has been found that when magnets or certain combinations of two dissimilar metals contact the body, a small electric current is generated termed the Polarity Agent Effect. Some commonly used pairs of metals which exhibit this phenomenon include: gold/silver, copper/zinc, nickel/copper, and gold/aluminum. 

Magnets, by virtue of their natural north (-) and south (+) magnetic poles also exhibit this same phenomenon. In addition to polarity effects, small acu-magnets and small press pellets also provide continuous acupressure to the point. In total, the use of magnets and/or different metals and acupressure creates synergism.

It is intended to provide the patient a safe, effective, non-invasive pain relief option for use between visits.
Product Use: The magnets are to be placed directly on the point of pain. Each patch is to be worn continuously (through exercise, showering, etc.) until the patch becomes dirty or looses its adhesion. At this point,the patient removes the re-usable magnet from the dirty patch, and places the magnet on a clean fresh patch (sold below).
Removal of patch is easiest done while showering or bathing.