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Chinese acupuncture recognizes that the body has many energetic points, zones and routes in the hands, feet and scalp. Blood flows from arteries to veins, and nutrition is sent through fine capillary vessels. There are about 5.1 billion capillary vessels in the human body, 3.1 billion of which are found in the hands and feet. The reason why the foot is called a second heart is that the foot contains the largest number of capillary vessels in the entire body.

Stimulating the pressure points of the foot with magnetism. 

  • Pressure points for various parts of the body are centered in the sole; by directing magnetism there, the effects reach the whole body from the head to the internal organs through the function of the magnetic force or energy.
  • Stimulating these energy centers with magnetic energy and massage is believed to enhance the health and well being of the body.
  • Stimulating nerve endings at sole of feet, organs begin to work better,
  • Nearly two-thirds of the capillary vessels are concentrated in the sole. By applying a magnetic energy there, ions are generated and improves blood circulation in feet-leg, thus relieving aches and pains on these areas, arthritis, helps to prevent stiff shoulders, muscle pain, insomnia, constipation, muscle fatigue, back distress caused by standing for long hours, burning sensations, numbness, cramps, etc.

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin showed significant reductions in postural sway among older adults while standing on the magnetic insoles. This improved balancing ability while wearing the insoles can have wonderful benefits for older adults.

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