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Magnetic Earrings

Provide Magnetic Therapy to Acupressure Points.

Magnetic earrings are used to stimulate the acupressure point on each ear. Used to control appetite and cravings, and may also help with headaches, anxiety relief, ear, neck, and jaw problems. The iron in our blood conducts the magnetic energy produced by the magnetic earrings. We carry beautiful magnetic earrings from semiprecious stones, circonia crystals, hearts to hoops to dangle.

The magnets are hematite, a healing stone!

USING EAR MAGNETS for Pierced Ears: The magnetic earring back (hemaite) can be used to stimulate acupressure points in each ear. No one has to know you are receiving magnetic therapy because the back is the magnet. The holding magnet is placed behind the earlobe. 2 back hematite magnets. May use it with your own earrings!

USING EAR MAGNETS for Non-Pierced Ears: Each earring is approximately 10mm and has  2- 2,500 gauss magnet. Two magnets are required for each point treated. Place the holding magnet at the back of the ear, the other magnet with jewelry) is placed opposite to it on the front of the ear.    The magnets will stay firmly in place by attracting each other through the ear skin density.  Ear magnets are commonly used on the ear lobe.   It is not necessary to use both points in both ears at the same time. Most people have a point location in the ear with a greater degree of sensitivity.  No medical claims are intended or implied.  Pair includes two 9.5 mm dia, 2500 gauss, in hematite or 24k gold plated Mini-Slim holding magnets which creates a stronger holding force. The holding magnet is placed behind the earlobe. One set (pair) includes a total of 4 magnets (2 front/2 back).






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$14.00   $7.00

Magnetic Earrings Back

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$14.00   $7.00