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FlexiMagnet Strip


Price: $26.00


FlexiMagnet Strip

The FlexiMagnet is out most universal magnet we carry. This is one continuous strap of (10) Neodymium Rare Earth FlexiMagnet that can be used to wrap around your body or used in your garage. The magnets will never loose magnetic strength. This product can be used and a magnetic ankle wrap, magnetic thigh wrap, mangnetic belt and more.

The FlexiMagnet is the ultimate magnetic product that can be used in over 1000 applications, from the ultra high strength magnetic health support product or body wrap to the most unique universal magnetic home, hardware or office product.

FLEXIMAGNET Product Information:

  • Included: One continuous strap of (10) Neodymium Rare Earth FlexiMagnet suspended in PVC soft vinyl and (10) Round Ferro-vinyl sheets with adhesive backs ( If you do not have a ferrous surface around, you may stick the Ferro-vinyl sheet to a clean, dry flat surface, and the FlexiMagnet will adhere to the Ferro-vinyl which will then allow you to adhere light ferrous objects to the Flexi Magnet)
  • FlexiMagnet has a total length of 27 inches of Ultra Magnetic High Strength
  • Each Neodymium magnet is encased in Black PVC Vinyl
  • Magnet Size is 15mm Dia. x 3mm Width.
  • Magnet Surface strength is 2500 gauss rating
  • Each individual FlexiMagnet is 2.75 inches in length by 1.5 inches in width at its widest, and .75 inch at its thinnest location (which is the Flex Magnets connection span)
  • Each individual FlexiMagnet provides a ( + ) Symbol to show the Bio South (+) side of the magnet, the opposite side is the Bio North (-) or health support side of the magnet (most health support applications will want to have the Bio North (-) touching or facing the body or skin)
  • The strip of (10) FlexiMagnet can be used as a continuous strap or cut into (10) individual Flexi Magnets


  • Magnetic Bracelet wrap
  • Spot magnets
  • magnetic Leg wrap
  • magnetic Arm wrap
  • magnetic Carpal Tunnel wrap
  • magnetic Head band
  • magneitc Elbow band
  • magnetic Knee tube
  • magnetic Ankle wrap
  • Foot magnet in shoes
  • magnetic Shoulder wrap
  • magnetic Thigh wrap

Water Bottle wrap (Ionizes water)

** Not to be worn by pregnant women or used by individuals fitted for pacemakers or other medical implants that could be effected by a strong magnetic field**

FLEXIMAGNET HOME, HARDWARE and OFFICE USES: No Limitations - It is limited only to your creativity and imagination