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Magnetic Pearl Bracelet 6mm



Price: $14.00


Entire Bracelet is all magnetic!

The 6mm Magnetic Pearls are 1000 gauss each. 

Also the clasp is a very strong Magnetic Clasp, a pair of 2500 gauss high power magnets!  7 inches (approx). 

All magnetic! Bipolar! Bracelets are with pearls of 6mm diameter.

We believe that these magnetic pearl-style bracelets can heal one’s body naturally through magnet therapy using the strength of each magnet to assist in improving blood flow and the body’s “electromagnetic energy balance.”

Each bracelet or necklace, regardless of whether you opt for the black or pearl or combination of both, carries an air of simple beauty. They are perfect for dinner parties, first dates, or just to add depth to your outfit and the flexibility of the style allows for casual comfort. 

Variety of colors available!

Applies Strong Magnetic Therapy to Neck and Shoulders, Bipolarity energy.

Health benefits: recommended by many customers for neck, shoulder, wrist and finger pain.

Easy to put on and take off.