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Sierra's Memory Head Band



Price: $29.99


Sierra's Memory Head Band

Contains two removable 1" x 1" pads containing 5 magnets each (10 total). Each magnet is 0.08" x 0.2" dia and 800 gauss. A 1.7" wide x 12" long inner sleeve holds the magnets in place. One size fits all long lasting stretch fabric blend with with Velcro closure applies adjustable pressure and support and dimensions of 27" x 2.0" dia. The 1" x 6" North-Pole Flex Magnet strip (Band) may also be inserted into the inner sleeve of this head band. The other 1" x 6" South pole Flex Magnet strip is to be held at the back of the head with the band. 

How do I put it on?

  1. Open the head band and center it across your forehead.
  2. Stretch the ends around the back of your head.  Apply enough tensionto hold the head band in place.  DO NOT make it too tight.
  3. Secure the band by pressing the Velcro Tab at one end on to the Plush section. 
  4. Carefully insert the flexible magnet with the SOUTH, red tape cover, and center it in the back of the head.
  5. Leave on for 30 minutes or ore if you are performing mind (brain) activities.

For Neck discomforts, headaches, insomnia- Only wear the band without the red side.  You may strengthen the front band with the other strip.  Also a small domino magnet.  North side to skin.

Care: Do not machine wash.  You may soak in water but without the magnets.