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Our Stainless Steel Magnetic Anklet are superior quality and are finely crafted.  This anklet has 30 magnets of 3000 gauss neodymium, north (negative) polarity 3cm magnets, one in every link, and have stainless steel split pins. Its length is 10" long.

Matching bracelet and necklace!


  • All anklets have a 3000 gauss NORTH POLE (NEGATIVE) magnet in each link!

  • They are stamped "Stainless Steel" usually on the clasp.

  • The back of each magnet had has epoxy for longer wear.
 All anklets range 10" - 11" 

  • Stainless Steel Resists Tarnish - is Hypo-allergenic to skin!

  • All bracelets are
  • made with pins for easy adjustment by any jewelry professional.

  • Made with best 120 mills of Ionic Gold Plating. This process takes three time as long to make as the gold is layered! 

(High end Costume jewelry only has 5 - 7 mills of electro plated gold and cheap costume have a flash plating process that causes change very quickly)

It has matching bracelet and necklace!

Questions & Answers:

Q.: What are Neodymium magnets

A.: HIGH STRENGTH MAGNETS.  Neodymium magnets pack a high magnetic strength in a small space, up to 40% stronger than other magnets. Manufacturer rated at 3000 gauss.

Q.: How many magnets in each piece?

A.: It all depends in its length.  Since there is a magnet in each link you receive an effective magnetic coverage.  Multiple magnets per anklet, with magnets spaced around the ankle. This enables effective magnetic coverage and therapy.
  This anklet has 30 magnets of 3000 gauss Neodymium, north (negative) polarity 3cm magnets

Q.: Do they have to touch the skin?

A.: Not necessary. You can wear them loose around your wrist or ankle.  It is better if they have ½” more of the measurement of the wrist or ankle.  Magnetic force travels at a distance.

Q.: Are they adjustable?

A.: Yes, just like watchband.
  All bracelets, necklaces and anklets are made with pins for easy adjustment by any jewelry professional.

Q.: How to maintain the anklets?

A.: The anklets are easy to maintain. Just put it in a warm tap water with few drops of liquid hand soap for 1-2 minutes. Dry it and use a jewelry cloth to shine.