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Biomagnetism: An Alternative for All?

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Date: 12/21/2022 @ 2:25:58 pm
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Biomagnetism: An Alternative for All?

By Dr. Irma I. Sierra

It is an interesting fact that science has reached the point where it recognizes that the cell ....both plant and animal—is an electric battery.

The use of magnets for health has been called "Biomagnetism". Since cells are composed of molecules, and these by atoms, and that these are formed by protons, electrons, neutrons and subatomic matter, we conclude that all this matter is a state of energy of which our body is made.

Dr. A. E. Baines, M.D., noticed while visiting a museum in London, that some priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt seemed to have something on their hands. He tried to find out what it was by consulting the best Egyptologists in England but none could tell him what it was. It was then that Baines traveled to Egypt, where, at last, he found in the hands of a mummy a cylinder of graphite charcoal in one hand and a magnet cylinder in the other.


My husband and I visited Egypt and saw this statue on the left. The other sitting down images are from the Barcelona Epyptian Museum. 

Why and what did the pharaohs use these cylinders for? ... Baines wondered. After using one in each hand, for some time he could appreciate a change in his nervous system, but the most remarkable thing was to notice a rejuvenation process with an increase in his physical strength.  

Dr. Ralph U. Sierra began using magnets at the age of 65. It was for his personal use as he suffered from Mernier's disease, a syndrome very difficult to cure. Applying a magnet to his ear and drinking magnetic water healed. At the same time, he applied Biomagnetic treatment to his prostate and significantly reduced his inflammation.  This recovery motivated him to continue researching the uses of the magnet until establishing the Puerto Rico Scientific Research Laboratory, Inc., where hundreds of scientist, researchers and doctors from all over the world visited his laboratory in addition to exchanging information by correspondence. 

Dr. Sierra lectured on this topic throughout the United States, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Santo Domingo and Venezuela. At the age of 72, Dr. Sierra looked like a 55-year-old man with the vitality of a 35-year-old. He ran and jumped rope, living a normal life. His rejuvenation proves once again the studies of Dr. Baines. If we observe how this magnetic current works or manifests itself in our body, we must first appreciate if there are changes in polarity, whether excesses or limitations of this current caused by physical and psychic disorders, the quality of food and liquids consumed, quality of our daily life, scars, whether from wounds or operations, and by the external environment in which we live.

These polarity changes (positive-negative) can affect the body in the following ways:

  • altering blood chemistry,
  • causing changes in local metabolism and
  • even changing the size of cell tissue, thus
  • affecting the vibrational frequency and rhythm of atoms, molecules and cells in the human body.

Examples of this situation can be inflammations, congestion, infections, followed by pathological changes, that is, diseases.

The action of many drugs (medicines) in our body, due to their atomic composition, is precisely to balance this factor from positive to negative; that responds to the same phenomena of electricity and magnetism that manifest throughout the Universe, but being a chemical, unfortunately have side effects.

Every injury and almost every disease is influenced by electromagnetic fields, natural or artificial. Having this knowledge, some biologists, doctors, and chiropractors use magnets as a means of healing.

Its application is simple since the magnets are of different size and strength depending on the affected areas.

On the other hand, there are no harmful side effects in these treatments, on the contrary, what is intriguing is the fact that any living entity who is deprived of a magnetic field smaller than the Earth for a long period of time, would suffer complicated and frequent anguish and disease, and eventually die.

Dr. Kyochi Nakagawa, one of the Japanese scientists who visited us, in Japanese Medical Journal, has brought new information where he adds to the science of medicine a new syndrome: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a magnetic field deficiency.   He explains that the deficiency of the earth's magnetism to the man's body causes symptoms such as backaches, shoulder pains, constipation, lack of sleep, tensions, headaches and heaviness in the head. 

In our daily lives we are bombarded with antennas, high-voltage cables, cars, concrete buildings, residences, etc., which causes around us a decrease in the Earth's magnetic field that can reach our body and ultimately affects us physically and mentally. The further away we are from civilization the better we will feel - a few days in the countryside away from antennas, help us absorb more energy from nature.

From left to right, Dr. R Sierra, Dr. K Nakagawa, Engineer Seiki, Dr. Osaka, Biologist, with a journalist from Puerto Rico, seated.


The magnetic field cannot be seen or touched, it is like air and as important as air. This, on earth, measures .5 gauss.

We do not need to have illness or pain to use magnets.  Just suffering from tiredness or exhaustion is lack of energy and magnets provide energy. We can use any small magnet in the trouser pocket as a preventive means. But if you have a condition you should be careful to apply any magnet if you do not know how to differentiate its polarities.

The north pole is the negative (alkaline) pole and helps arrest inflammations of organs, muscles, ligaments and nerves, since these inflammations are accumulations of acidic fluid, and the negative pole acts by neutralizing the affected area. It has also been used to help heal fractures. The south pole is positive (acidic), acts in giving strength to weak muscles, paralysis and is used in certain cases of diabetes. This in turn will adversely affect the body if it suffers from viral or bacterial infections, or cancer. They have a very healing action, it is very important to know which magnet to use, the pole and the time of use.

Biomagnetism arrived on this island in 1969 and thousands have been exposed to this therapy with good results. We include in this list professional athletes who were healed with perseverance, since in these cases their use was constant even while practicing the sport with the injury. Dr. Sierra left us an educational book where you can get more information on this topic: "Energía Magnética (Magnetic Energy) or Biomagnetism" and Power in a Magnet. Two books with different information.

Energía Magnética was the first book in Spanish about Biomagnetism, full of history and small orientation which you can already apply or adapt to your daily life.  Being a treasure trove of unique information, I have incorporated it into my book The Power of the Magnet, a guide to the consumer and health professional.  And his book Power in a Magnet can also be obtained in the English edition, Power in a Magnet, Revised Edition by Dr. Irma I Sierra.  If you are fluent in both languages, I always recommend getting all three books in two,  Dr. I. Sierra's Power in a Magnet with Dr. R. Sierra's Energía Magnética.

Answering the question, if Biomagnetism is an alternative for everyone?, there is no doubt that it is!  If you have a body you have cells, you have molecules that form a tissue. That tissue forms an organ. Several organs form a system. And systems make up the human body. And they all have its unique magnetic field

So the more we are using the resources of the magnetic field by using magnets with the correct polarity and power, the Biomagnetic Energy, your body, its cells, tissues, organs and systems of your body that are made of atoms, molecules and chemicals, you are going to be taking that static and/or pulsating magnetic field with new instructions. 

And that body is going to be strengthened.

Your body!

This is a Win, Win!

Grateful that you have visited this Blog and if you liked it, I would love to read your comments!

Dr. Irma Sierra

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The author is a doctor of chiropractic and specialist in the field of Biomagnetism. This article was written for the newspaper El Nuevo Dia, Medicina Deportiva section, edited from An Alternative for Athletes.

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