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Magnets for Happiness Part 2

Created by: hms
Date: 01/15/2023 @ 9:01:00 am
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Magnets for Happiness Part 2

... and to think that the secret is in a piece of magnet!', concludes Dr. Irma Sierra.

My personal recommendations are:

Always search for a natural source of negative ions, the countryside, a walk on green grass with morning dew, a walk on the beach and breathe that wonderful clean air to your lungs- you can hold it in for the count of 4 and exhale pausing at the end and breathe in… repeat.

Some of you are fortunate to have access to those areas every day, and possibly take it for granted. Go outside for at least 30 minutes, very important to connect daily to the Earth’s magnetic energy, where not so much WiFi is hitting our cells.

Go… To the mountains! To the beach! What if I don’t have them nearby? Then a hot shower, and breathe. according to Dr. Ralph Sierra! However, it does not mean that you cannot benefit from the positive health effects using Negative polarity magnets.  Experience the negative ions emanating from our magnetic products from your home, work and daily life without having to go to the countryside or the beach. Take advantage and recharge your battery starting today, since, with these magnets you will be benefiting from the exposure of Magnetic Energy to all your molecules, tissues and organs of the body. 

Here is what I have done, and I still do, for over 50 years.  I will share the short version of my beginnings with Biomagnetic therapy.

As soon as my dad, Dr. Ralph Sierra, returned from Albert Roy Davis laboratory in Green Cove Spring, Florida, he bought an extra N-2 magnet to put beneath our water pitcher inside the refrigerator with the North pole facing the water above. Sierra then found a 5" ceramic cylinder where a pitcher can lay perfectly over the magnet. So, by 8 years old my drinking water began to be polarized with Negative ions. He later incorporated the Magnetic pencil for us to carry around and polarize all our liquids when away from home. 

The first magnet my father applied to me was for an earache. He used the dominoe magnet.

Then an N-1 magnet, North pole over my abdomen, had a bad stomachache. It was at a time a Gastro-enteritis was around, but since I healed faster no one believed that was also my diagnosis. The N-1 he called the doctor of the house. I believe it is so true. There was a time I started to suffer from menstrual pain, had heavy periods. Being at school, I was unable to apply it, then at night I moved too much, so it took a little bit longer to finally feel the relieve. But I did and never ever felt the pain again. Of course, at that time he was known for the Magic Magnetic bands, but as a teenager, I wasn’t going to wear them underneath my uniform. To this, magnesium tablets by then, now capsules, and of course my Chiropractic adjustment. This and the nutritional supplements and herbs are another part of my life that bean as soon as I was born.

Back to magnets, the Neck Magnetic Band, by my teens, I learned to sleep with it. Still, if any tension arises you bet, I will have it on. Even writing these articles, as I need to strengthen my cells to fight or be strong against this type of artificial electromagnetic energy, the computer and WiFi. Plus locked inside -with air conditioning-a cement and steel building. So even with an air ionizer, I keep my magnets on.

Later, after the Japanese scientist visited his Puerto Rico Scientific Laboratory, located above my home, he started with the Biomagnetic “Aimante” bracelets. These had 3 North pole & 3 South unipolar magnets. Later the hematite, which are multipole magnets, like our pearl’s magnetic jewelry. Then, when I began taking care of patients I searched for magnetic jewelry, to my surprise, many were manufactured in China. Luckily at the beginning I could get hold of the ones made in Japan, but later that company shut down. Now I took time and money to locate good quality bracelets that were properly identified to be all Negative- North Pole ions with sufficient manufactured gauss to provide a surface, to skin magnetic energy. So, wearing the magnetic jewelry was and is part of my daily life as well.  I started with one until our new technology began to contaminate the environment.

It’s my law, even when I am outdoors to always wear 2 stainless steel magnetic bracelet on each hand, never take them off, the shine may last 2-3 years but the magnets energy last many, many years. I will not dare to take them off. And if I have to it’s only for a moment, then back on. I even wear an ankle bracelet on each leg. The only one I constantly change is the magnetic necklace, and of depending on the circumstance, I have it 24/7 as well, but from this one I take a rest, since I add the neck band or the shoulder bib.

Another research my dad was involved with, was preparing a Magnetic Hairbrush. He pasted in any regular brush a domino magnet with South, positive polarity to encourage scalp and hair follicles, strength and growth. Besides, you should brush your hair at night to discharge the body of positive ions accumulated with the stress of the day and enhancing it with a Magnetic hairbrush. Not to brag, but even with all my processing with hair dyes, I have a healthy shiny hair and I am sure it is because that’s the only brush we have at home. Even my husband hair looks quite healthy. South (+) pole to the scalp for strength, and the other side North to slide over any part of your body you need to relax or calm down. 

What about the magnetic insoles? Yes, he also recommended them, as we all have heard about acupressure points of the meridian lines. So back then, reflexology and acupuncture was on the rise. That’s energy to the soles of the feet and the hands, then ears. Those days, we had no technology to search. All communication was by US Postal Service. So, he received some magnetic insoles but at the time these were with water as well and too expensive to import. Then, late 1980’s I got hold of magnetic insoles to recommend to my patients, both for closed and open sandals, luckily for me found the meta-arch band, that I wear and add to my sleeping with accessories routine.  With this comes along the acu-magnets, also unipolar north and south on different sides, and the pellets for the ear that are multipolar, used instead of the acupuncture needles, or as a follow up treatment between sessions, even between Chiropractic adjustments. It’s all connected!

You may ask, hey, what about the Magnetic Memory band? Oh yes! Well, it does improve the mind. The red separate band is marked red for identifyine the Positive South Pole. Every time I felt mental confusion it meant I needed that magnetic field around my head. I obtained my doctorate at 23 years old and wore it constantly, with midterms, final, board exams, was when I wore it most. By 24 years old, I had not only Puerto Rico license to practice Chiropractic, but I also had New York and Florida State licenses. It wasn’t only passion, it was the Bio-magnetic world my life was and it!

Don’t be afraid, it has been over 50 plus years as I believe I am the only human body exposed to magnetic field emanating from static magnets. I am 61 now. In my career lifetime, my only time away from the Clinic was due to maternal leave and vacations, no sick days! I have experienced a couple of colds, and the arthritis, both of my parents had it, osteo- and rheumatoid, that has been controlled with the magnets, my supplement line, and lifestyle. You know arthritis is a wear and tear of the joint, and as an old timer Chiropractor, started at 24, you can imagine how much abuse I gave to my joints, especially the wrists, for which I give so much credit to the constant daily use of the Bio-magnetic supports we carry. After I decided to retire from practice to get more involved in Biomagnetism and the store, had more sitting down and writing on computer, more abuse to the hands, became more sedentary.  I did what most of you experience on a daily basis. I verified that definitely, the use of these magnetic bands, supports, bracelets and rings, remember that every magnet is negative polarity, negative ions, are essential to break the cycle of acidity accumulation in the body. And of course we have to move, increase our Chi.

We have to be conscious of our body, our actvities we do, not only physical, what we eat and drink, if we really breathe, how we sleep... our body is our temple in this lifetime. The emotions we carry and let go. Walk with a Grateful heart, appreciation and love all for all.

It’s so glorious to be Well!  Biomagnetic accessories bring the ionic balance your cells need, nothing to loose. We all want to be Happy! So, what's keeping you?

In later articles I will share my use with electromagnetic therapy, now known as the PEMF, Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy and my other alternative medicine applications.  

This is my way of living! So far so good.


I hope the above has helped inform you about the exciting field of biomagnetics that has great potential to help people. We are clearly seeing a new day in medical sciences and health care with increased awareness and use of complementary therapies.

Dr. Ralph Sierra’s famous phrase:

“We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its applications, a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature itself.”

Live Magnetically, Dr. I Sierra.

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