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Bio Magnetic Jewerly

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Date: 07/09/2018
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Bio Magnetic Jewerly

If you live disconnected to the natural magnetic field of the earth or need and want to strengthen your energy level, it is very important that you use a magnetic piece of jewelry to strengthen it. You will find bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings and rings for the hand or foot, manufactured in materials such as hematite, rhodium, copper, stainless steel and titanium, gold or silver plated.
Although there are many varieties and materials manufacturing these jewelry, we have to be cautious because nowadays, many in the market have magnets with incorrect polarity to the skin, manufactured with low grade of magnetic material or low gauss magnets, with little or no strength and / or magnets that the charge is not permanent.
Health Magnetic Store & More analyzes, studies and test any jewelry that we put sell in our shop and/or website. We guarantee that your magnetic jewelry obtained with us have the correct polarity, be of the highest quality and power of the magnet.

That is why we always say, beware of imitations, they may look the same, but not be the same.

Proper magnetic jewelry will make you feel wonderful!

The magnets act on blood flow, affecting the whole body by having a magnet in each link, spaced around the wrist, neck or ankle, providing the magnetic field, a constant flow of magnetic energy to your body. It is also like an ambulatory, light and economical therapy for daily use. The necklace gives the health benefit for neck, shoulder and hand pain. And being close to the arteries leading to the brain and heart, might increase the oxygen to these areas and create overall multiple health and perhaps prevent other maladies. Bracelet and / or anklets have other benefits in addition to relieving pain, swelling, numbness, weakness of those joints, the magnets will also be close to many artery and veins, which also provide benefits to your body cells. If we think we are electric, and our cells are small batteries (which there are billions), no doubt, with all the daily hustle, work, worries, our body wears out, our cells are discharged. What would be better and easier than to put on a jewelry or accessory with magnets? Or sleep in magnets? Do you charge you cell-phone? If we could "plug in" our body to a 110V it would be all settled. However it is not so!

We need to get magnetic energy, the power of the magnet, to prevent illness and disease.

We now invite you to browse our extensive range of Biomagnetic Jewelry and buy with confidence that your magnetic jewelry meets the highest standards in magnetic therapy.