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Magnetic Elbow Support

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Dr. Sierra Magnetic Elbow Support

Relieve moderate tennis elbow pain by increasing blood circulation in the forearm. Using 18 ceramic 1,000 gauss magnets to penetrate deep into the tendons, effectively easing pain.

The tube shape support reduces strain on the tendons, improving arm stability, and easing pain during movement. Comfort for daily wear or for all sports activities: golfers, tennis players and all people with tendonitis of the elbow. 

If you experience intermittent or constant elbow pain, this elbow brace is you ideal solution.

  • Tube shaped support with 18 spaced evenly magnets; each magnet is 0.1" x 0.4" dia and 1,000 gauss.
  • Soft, comfortable stretch cotton/poly blend fiber.
  • Gives firm, comforting support for all physical activities. Suitable for athletes, aerobics, jogging or hiking use.
  • Cotton inner lined.
  • Approximately 8" to 9" long.
  • Tan colored.

Choose  Large, X-Large and 2XL!!!

  • Large:  5"-5.25" (12-13cm)  x 8.5 (22cm)  
  • X-Large: 5½"-5.75" (14-14.6cm) x 8.5 (22cm)     
  • 2X-Large: 6"(15cm) x 9" (23cm)

For chronic pain, you can insert a domino magnet {North Pole toward skin} directly above the pain. 

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