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Magnetic Home Therapy

Neck Band Size:


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Magnetic Home Therapy

SET Includes:

Free Gift is Sierra’s Back Band 8”. Also the 8 inch flexible band is the perfect size to also accommodate over a knee or shoulder.

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  1. Lay face up in your bed.
  2. Prepare a flat area in your bed with a low comfortable neck pillow.  All magnets must face North- Negative polarity toward your body.
  3. Place each N-1 underneath each shoulder, accommodate accordingly and it must feel comfortable.
  4. The N-2 will be centered in your lower back, and comfortable as well.
  5. Wear the neck band,
  6. Put on the eye shields and grab each hand cylinder and just lay there relaxed for a minimum of 15 minutes up to 45 minutes, every day if possible.


  • Try to always have a magnet near the spine, then place the others as your situation requires.
  • N-1 can be placed under each knee or ankles.
  • Place an N-1 under any discomfort area.
  • Neck band can be applied on your head as a head band.
  • N-2 can be used in upper back.
  • N-1 can be used above your abdomen, as solar plexus area, or any GI disturbance.

If seated:

  • You can rest each foot on each N-1, and seat above the N-2, under a cushion.
  • Also can place South pole under Left foot and North pole under Right foot and hold the cylinders in each hand.

Neck band can be worn ambulatory. 12" is included, however you can specify other smaller size as 10" or 11". 

IMPORTANT:  N-1, N-2 and hand cylinders magnets are strong, so please be careful where you put them as they will attract any other metal and/or due to their material composition they may break or chip if dropped to the floor. You will have 2 new magnets and the strength or polarity will not be affected.

Created for you by Dr. Irma Sierra