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Sierra's Back Band 10"

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High Energy Flexible Magnetic Tape is cut and covered for applying to the area desired. To make it stronger, HMS, Dr. Irma Sierra (his daughter) follows the same process that Dr. Ralph U. Sierra taught her, back in 1974.  These were known as Dr. Sierras Magic Bands. We add another layer of magnetic tape and cover it with a washable liner. You can hold it in place with a wrap or a string.  Different lengths available.  8" or 10".

The magnetic band of Dr. Irma Sierra,  Sierra’s Back Band improves lumbar flexibility while providing natural lower back pain relief. Using powerful NEGATIVE polarity, north or bio-north magnetic fields it increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to your muscles, helping you to regain flexibility and relieve back pain. All of Dr. Sierra's Flexible Bands are fully magnetized as to provide magnetic therapy that can penetrate effectively up to 5 inches deep and work exceptionally well for lower back aches, cramping, back spasms or any joint issue, such as arthritis and inflammations. By improving blood flow, the magnetic pad can also protect your back and joints, helping to prevent back pain when lifting, bending, or twisting, even while performing sports, sleeping, going up an down the stairs, sitting for too long, to name a few.

Sierra’s Back Band is a semi-flexible design that stays upright against your lower back and allows full freedom of movement. Its low-profile design can be worn under or over your clothing. The red side of the band nust face away from your body.  Center the band over the desired area. The band may be placed directly on your skin or over clothing. Slip one into the waistband of your pants or a skirt, or use an elastic wrap  or bandage to hold it more securely in place. This band measures 3" x 10" and is less than ½" thick.

Note: If you’re having difficulty bending or lifting, and need the support for your back, we recommend our Dr. Sierra’s Magnetic Belt with this band inside its pocket, north pole to the body.  The magnet will adhere to the magnetic belt, increasing the strength and depth of the negative (-) magnetic field potential. Its adjustable compression will help support your lower back while providing more extensive magnetic therapy.

This size is great for lumbar area. 1,800 Gauss.

You may cover it with a cotton fabric. Just know that one side of the band is North and the other is South.  Make sure that you properly identify wich is the North side. We mark the positive side, South pole, with a RED tape.

How long should I wear it?

  • In the beginning, the back band should be worn all day or night, or, at least several times daily, for a few hours each period.  Magnetic therapy will provide faster, more effective results with consistent use. 
  • When your discomfort is relieved, continue wearing the band for at least several more days to aid the healing process.  You can then wear it as needed to mantain your relief, and to help prevent discomfort during any strenous activities, that may lead to stress, tension or discomfort,  including sports and exercise.
  • It is possible that your discomfort may begin to return while the band is off.  If this occurs, continue to wear as needed.

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