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Why should I drink magnetic polarized water?

Four fifths of the body is water- almost 80%.  Water is fundamental for all metabolic processes of the body, also to transport the nutrients inside and outside of the cells.  Without water the body will dehydrate.  There’s controversy about how much water we should drink.  Let it be mineral, spring or distilled water, we should polarized it by applying a magnet.   By itself, water has no magnetic properties, like attracting metal, but it can be magnetized, polarized.  You can place a magnet under a glass, jar, bottle or gallons of water, and depending on how much water you can leave it for minutes to hours, even forever as we have our five gallons.  The molecule of hydrogen in the water (H2O)  changes its rotation reacting better with the oxygen molecule. It acquires an electric charge.  Its effects can be observed through your urinary and digestive systems. It has no contraindications.  In fact, for our daily use, we have prepared a small magnetized flexible disc that you can attach to the water bottles.  After 48 hours it looses the magnetic power, that is why we suggest to have a magnet or the magnetic pencil with you so will always drink this water.

When water moves or passes through a magnetic field, the hydrogen ions and dissolved minerals in the water will become charged. This charge causes a temporary separation of the minerals from the molecular water clusters, resulting in improvements in taste - the water will behave like it is naturally soft.  Water from lakes, wells, or running streams are naturally charged by the earth's 0.5 gauss magnetic field. However, during water treatment and transport through underground city water pipes, the charge will dissipate.

Treating water with magnetic fields restores this natural energy and balance.  Have you heard of the medicinal water around the world, that people travel to? Is it because the area is so magnetized?
Will you like to read more? Link to: Polarization of water subject to magnetic fields.
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