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Natural Alternatives for Emotions

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Date: 12/09/2019
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Natural Alternatives to Strengthen your body to Overcome Sadness or Anxiety 

By Dr. Irma I. Sierra

Anxiety, stress and sleep problems are becoming more common in our current society. Especially during the holiday season, many of us can become more stressful victims. The season can put a lot of psychological questions in our heads.  Are my children going to come visit me? What if he/she doesn't like my gift? Am I ever going to have someone special to spend the season with? Or in other moments in the year that causes you to worry too much! 

One of the most common reasons has to do with the loss of a loved one or a job. Love and finances issues enter your mind.  Another, thinking about some negative past event. No matter what the reason may be, don't let that feeling consume your day analyzing why, and feeling bad because you are sad. Try to remember that every situation is temporary, you choose how much time you want to spend like this. Anyway, time goes on, so choose how you want to react to each situation, without affecting your mood.  Choose to have thoughts of joy and fill yourself with hope. If you feel this is difficult for you, or need to change your life, take advantage of integrating these natural alternatives to strengthen your mind and body.

Herbal supplements have been addressing anxiety, stress, and sleep issues for a long time, with the continued improvements in their offerings as science and technology have advanced. Relax-S and Tense-Less are scientifically studied to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

It is essential to give the body nutritional support when suffering from anxiety, depression, irritability and metabolic disorders, Follow a routine of taking natural supplements, anti-stress vitamins, antioxidants: Vit C with bioflavonids, Vit E, Vit A, Selenium and Vit B Complex daily.  What's inside a multi-vitamin is not enough, try Essentials 75. Add the mineral Magnesium (our Relax-S or Pain-Less capsules), as it reduces spasms, calms anxiety and when combined with calcium, Vit D and boron, (our Bone Health & More) assists in strengthening bones, muscles, avoiding cramps and not causing constipation.  There are several natural formulas that are combined with plant extracts such as pasiflora and /or valerian that help calm the mind, assist in the management of tensions, reduce muscle spasms, dissipate anxiety, allow a better night rest and even help concentration. Other plants that are recommended to lift the mood when not taking antidepressants are Hemp Oils, St. John's wort and Holy basil.  Dr. Sierra's Naturals Supplement products are naturally safe to bring nutritional support with or without being sick.  

How about the use of negative polarity magnets, anion?   Recent studies have shown that the use of the magnetic field to your brain stimulates brain neurons. Negative ions, found in the air of the countryside or the beach and in the North pole of a magnet, gives vitality to nerves, blood and lymph. They are essentials to strengthen weakened functions and oxygenate the cells of your body. You can achieve it, simply by using a negative ion magnetic bracelet or necklace that the negative magnetic energy will circulates around your wrist or neck.  It's like having a battery charger on.  Wearing North Pole, Negative Magnetic jewelry, rest on a Magnetic Pad, or sitting in a chair with magnets increases circulation and energy.   It helps you with pain and discomfort, prevents you from being tired, and its constant use allows you to feel that you can master your life better. Also, there are magnetic stimulators that you can apply yourself for reflexology or massage and  Accu- magnetic points that you can apply to your body or to the ear.  Want to learn more on Biomagnetic applications, read Power in a Magnet.

And what about exercising? Moving slowly, such as walking 4-5 times weekly for 30 minutes.  Pilates, yoga and tai chi provides relaxation and help you breathe; bringing oxygen to your body is important.   Besides, dancing, cycling or swimming are fun.  Try to make a minimum of two and a half hours per week.Visit your doctor in Chiropractic.   Yes, chiropractic can help!  Your nervous system originates in your brain and goes down through the spinal cord to your entire body.  What's that?  The cord  s protected by the spine, composed of 24 movable vertebrae, which if they move out of place it may cause pressure on that or those nerves that are distributed to the body.  The chiropractic doctor is the only doctor who is trained to adjust that or those vertebrae to their normal position thus facilitating the flow of nerve energy.  It is believed that you have to have pain to visit them, but that is not at all true.  With chiropractic care you benefit all the functions of your body, such as breathing better, sleeping at night, digesting your food and even for anxiety and depression. Read more about Chiropractic in Clinica Quiropractica Jarrot Sierra's website.

Your body will also thank you if you receive therapeutic massage, acupuncture, auriculotherapy or reflexology.  Good pressure and stimulation to your muscles and/or meridians not only loosen tension and improve circulation, that touch helps eliminate toxins and allows stagnant energy to flow.

Every day we have the choice to choose how to live our life.  We are the creator of our own experience. Just us! We must get closer to the natural energy and not forget to love, thank, appreciate, forgive, and of course, laugh, even of ourselves. It's never too late to start.  The practice of these natural alternatives in your daily life is important, as it increases the body's ability to tolerate all types of situations.  Celebrate life naturally this Christmas and always!  

The author is a Doctor in Chiropractic and an expert in the field of Biomagnetism.  With her husband Dr. Jorge Jarrot they founded Clínica Quiropráctica Jarrot Sierra and Health Magnetic Store & More, both on the Ave. Jesus T. Piñero 1051 and 1053.  Tels. 787-782-5767 or 787-277-5967.  You can visit their website  or