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Body pains, can they predict climatic changes?

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Date: 07/09/2018
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Body pains, can they predict climatic changes?

by Dr. Irma Sierra

Our planet is surrounded by electricity. The earth emanates it’s own electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as well as a multitude of different man-made fields. Radiation from the sun and the moon add to the EMF profile of our atmosphere. So do changes in the weather.

The "atmospheric barrunto" has a scientific explanation: In the air, in the atmosphere, there is a series of positive and negative ions that are called "Sferic", fields short for atmospheric.

Those with a negative charge have a protective effect and those with a positive charge have a negative effect.

Sferics can be created by thunder and lightning and other meteorological events such as the development and movement of warm and cold fronts. They are also powerful enough to penetrate walls- thus the largely indoor lifestyle of modern man is no protection from them.  These positive and negative ions go at the speed of light, and precede 24 or even 72 hours to the arrival of a new atmospheric front.

Bio-meteorologists know that their existence can be linked to a whole range of health conditions.

Scientists estimate that more than a third of people are "meteorosensible", and therefore vulnerable to climatic changes. Its symptoms occur between eleven and twenty-four hours before a sudden change in temperature and range from tingling to pain in the joints and bones.

Experts say, our own Dr. Ralph U.Sierra included,  that it is not the pressure, temperature or humidity itself responsible, but the variation of the electromagnetic properties of the atmosphere, such as the degree of ionization or the electric field. This is because the human body is a bioelectric organism and as such is very sensitive to changes in the electrical climate of the atmosphere.  When sferics are high- usually one or two days before a storm- pain from migraines, scars and arthritis can also be more intense and violence, traffic accidents, suicides and criminal behavior are also more common.

You Tube Channel Salud en Familia: Dr Ralph U. Sierra

When atmospheric EMFs rises so do the number of ions - electrical charge particles- in the air. While sferics can produce both negative and positive ions, they are mostly associated with the presence of positive ions.  When the number of positive ions goes up relative to the number of negative ions you can trigger the body to release the neurotransmitter serotonin in quantities that the individual experiences a syndrome characterized by anxiety, restlessness, aggression, heightened perception of pain and mood swings.

There is also a physical-organic situation that occurs in the joints. The joints of the humans and almost all mammals are "synovial", that is, they are covered by a membrane that joins bone with bone, without a supporting function as It would be a ligament or similar, and contain a viscous fluid (synovial), which works as a lubricant avoiding bone friction.

This structure level of internal pressure is generally slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure, so when there is going to be a sharp drop in temperature, the atmospheric pressure drops, and the joints tend to expand, generating pressure on the synovial walls . This is very marked in older people with rigid and or damaged joints, which explains the continuous phrases of "the weather fortune tellers".

Positive air ions:

  • May also be the reason why thunderstorms can initiate respiratory problems.
  • Have also been associated, with tendency towards unhealthy acidity, and overstimulation of the adrenal and thyroid glands and thus eventual exhaustion.
  • They also appear to have a pronounce effect on the circulatory system. They can raise blood pressure and are associated with vascular complaints such as heart attacks.
  • As many studies have demonstrated atmospheric EMFs are able to interact with the pineal gland (the master gland that regulates our daily rhythm) and alter it’s secretion of melatonin.

Just who is likely to be most sensitive to the effects of sferics is unclear. However those whose state of health is deteriorated in someway are more likely to be involved.

We at Health Magnetic Store & More, believe we can Help.  Our Negative polarity magnets will bring to your body the necessary negative ions that are reduced when there is presence of this atmospheric event.  Positive ions can be  reduced by wearing North (negative) polarity magnetic products, wear a body support directly to the area that becomes affected, like for your neck, back, shoulder, arms and/or legs.  You can also wear magnetic bracelets as a lifetime commitment to bring negative ions into your system.  Drinking water exposed to the North (negative) polarity of the magnet can make your body alkaline.

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We encourage you to add Magnets to your daily life, more so, when the atmosphere is packed with the positive ions.  Remember positive here is negative to your health. Those with a negative charge have a protective effect and those with a positive charge have a negative effect.

You Tube Channel Salud en Familia: Dr Ralph U. Sierra

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