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Discover magnetism for carpal tunnel syndrome

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Date: 10/13/2014
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If you wake up in pain, with numbness and a tingling sensation on your hands and fingers, especially the thumb, index  or  middle finger, you could be experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are injuries caused by repetitive and/or excessive motions during recreational or work related  activities, but it could also be related to pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes and thyroid disease. People with the highest risk are those who work with computers, play golf or have hobbies like gardening or sewing.
Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, that runs from the forearm to the hand, gets pressed or trapped at the wrist level. A physical examination of the hands, arms, shoulders and neck can determine if they are related to your daily activities or with a non obvious disruption. Routine lab tests and X Rays can show if there is diabetes, arthritis or fractures.
Natural Alternatives
·         Place ice bags over your wrist and avoid  excessive use of the hand.
·         Change the way you use the hand. Avoid bending down the wrist.
·         Chiropractic treatment. Visit
·         Acupuncture.
·         Use natural anti-inflammatory supplements such as Inflam Health & More and Trauma-Less.
·         Vitamin B-6 (50mg or 100mg) or Vitamin B Complex.
·         Stretching exercises or yoga.
·         Magnetic therapy: Apply magnets with the negative polarity towards your hand, fingers wrist, elbow or neck.
Our body is electric. All the cells have positive, negative and neutral charges. They work like a battery. The magnet has two poles, North (negative) and South (positive). Many scientists, Dr. Ralph U. Sierra among them, worked on the premise that the human body is influenced by changes in the natural magnetic fields. Research shows that applying the North side of a magnet creates an electrical current that stimulates the nerves and blocks the sensation of pain, strengthens the cells in your body, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow and helps in the healing process. Many patients have used magnetic therapy successfully.
 Magnets you can use to relieve pain and inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome:
 ·         Accu- magnetic points in the shape of buttons or rectangular that you can wear with your existing wrist brace.
·         Bracelets, necklaces, rings with bio-North magnets.
·         Tsubo: a magnetic massager.
·         Lay down on a magnetic pad.
The benefits of this negative magnetic force include from tension relief, aches, arthritis, insomnia, migraine, infections, to cancer and other conditions. Make sure to look for  high quality magnets, of 800-13,800 gauss (unit of magnetic flux density) and to know its poles. For pain and inflammation, you should apply the negative pole (North) towards the skin. Magnets should be applied daily for 3-5 weeks.
Discover magnetism and get closer to natural energy.
The information expressed here is based on research on biomagnetic field and has not yet been approved by the FDA.
                                    Author: Dr. Irma I. Sierra 787-782-5767