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Dr. Irma Sierra's Recommendations

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Date: 03/23/2014
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I will take you to my life style in accordance with magnetism, a practice that I have used for over 45 years and have practiced with my husband and three children, even through my pregnancies.  And of course, we also apply them with our thousands of patients.

1.   Keep a flat magnetic cylinder in your refrigerator or on top of a five gallon water dispenser with the North Pole toward the water. Drink six to eight glasses of North polarized –negative- daily. Use the magnetic pencil when you go out.  The pencil when you insert it completely in the water you will get both polarities.

2.   Sleep over a magnetic pad.  If you do not want to purchase one that is for the whole bed, you may use one that covers from your shoulders to the hips. You can also put two N-2 magnets in between the mattresses.  North Pole facing up. 

3.   Wear magnetic jewelry, especially if you work inside or drive a lot.  The Stainless Steel bracelets last many years; they have 3,000 gauss north, negative, polarity magnet in each link, and ranges from 1,200 to 2,200 surface gauss depending on their size.  They are also excellent therapeutically benefit since the magnetic field created is circling your whole wrist so your blood is being constantly charged as it circulates your body.

4.   Have accessible: a lumbar support, knee support, wrist band, flexible band, 10-12 magnetic points (small magnets), a cylinder, 24” ankle wrap, a magnetic pencil, neck band, two dominos, insoles, magnetic stimulator, eye shields, hair brush and facial mask.

a.    Lumbar support: Being a Chiropractic Physician, this support- clinically- is excellent for acute or chronic back pain, be it caused by traumas, arthritis disc degenerations or herniations even post-surgical events.  Many persons that wear them during their chores feel their lumbar muscles protected and strengthened to the extent that their function is improved.  It also works as an ambulatory therapy.  Golf and tennis players, housewives use it constantly. Even while sitting for extended periods of time. And it works great for stomach, menstrual or intestinal pains, after any surgery or inflammation- just wear it in front. Also works for abdominal distention.

b.    Knee Supports: For falls, traumas, pains, weaknesses, post surgical regeneration and arthritis.  I suffered a fall skiing several years ago.  Had to visit an orthopedist. He knew who I was, ‘Sierra”, he asked me: “Where are your magnets?”  I wanted a diagnosis of my knee and an MRI, then he suggested an arthroscopy and of course I denied.   Wore the knee support daily for over three months.  Each day I limped less.  Never stopped working.  To this day I am fine.  Occasionally I use it for several hours.  It is excellent!  Sometimes and depending on the injury magnetic energy action is not fast, you have to persist.  The tissue has to heal, regenerate.  Wear it while walking, exercise, sleep, etc.

c.    Wrist band: For hand or finger pain, weakness or tingling sensations. I suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when I began my practice.  I used to wear a domino magnet on a band.  It was uncomfortable.  I started wearing the band that we sell and used it while working with the patients.  I was healed in less than a week.  We own several for our kids’ sports injuries. 

d.    Flexible bands or Magnetic points: Use them wherever it hurts.  You can hold the bands with a safety pin, or with a support band.  Take it with you when you travel to polarize the water. If not adhere to your body up to 12 magnetic points over the area of pain.

e.    Cylinder (cow magnet): When tired and lack energy.  Hold in each hand for 15 minutes.  Great for arthritis. Can break if dropped. May substitute for the magnetic balls, but the cow magnet is stronger. 

f.     24” band- for first aid when you sprain your ankle, etc.   And if you have any pain just reverse it so that the magnets face the skin.

g.    Neck band: 70% of our patients wear them. Everyone at home wears one. Dr. Ralph Sierra’s invention.  We use them for neck or shoulder tension, pain, throat infections and when we travel. Recommended for cervical arthritis or disc degenerations.  Great for headaches, too.

h.    Domino: Small but powerful.  It is applied to small areas. Hold it with tape or a wrap. It increases the magnetic penetration of any other magnet. Apply at night if you suffer from insomnia to the middle of your eyebrows. 

i.     Magnetic Insoles: If working inside buildings, tired, heavy or achy legs or feet, etc.

j.     Massage the area with a Magnetic stimulator.  Small and light, travels with us anywhere. Apply it to your face, arms, shoulders, and feet – perfect to release tension.  You can also do a reflexology therapy on your hands or feet.  Is also great for massaging back, arms, legs or tense shoulders

k.    Magnetic eye shields: For tired eyes or headaches.  So dark that it will help you sleep better, since the pineal gland is in between your eyes and covers  from the  light in the room

l.      Magnetic hairbrush: We don’t let a day pass without using it. Dr. Sierra’s hair grew back!  It also travels with us.  They are powerful and last years.

m.  Face Mask: Wear it to keep your beauty but it also helps for sinusitis, headaches, facial paralysis, and temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ, jaw) problems.  As a routine nightly treatment apply it for 30 minutes.


5.   Wear them always. Alone or complementing any other therapy.   Relaxing and calming effects are experienced when you lie or sit on a magnetic bed while you receive a massage or reflexology, for example.  At the end of your therapy, in an ambulatory way, benefits will be reinforced when you apply magnets in points or even wear a support.  It’s our purpose help you enjoy your life without ailments and with more energy.