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Health and Wellness is our Highest Priority!

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Date: 03/23/2020
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Health and Wellness is our Highest Priority!

Dear friends,

During this volatile time in history, we want to reinforce our commitment to you, your families and to all of those who rely on our nutritional supplements to support their health and well-being. Our commitment to quality and purity has never been more relevant than it is today, we stand firm in our support for you, our valued customers.   Additionally, we want to assure you that we are in communication with all of our resources in order to rapidly meet the increased demand that we are experiencing at present.

Health Magnetic Store & More family of professional brands is here to support you.  We have taken all the necessary preventive measures for the well-being of all to provide the best and safest Customer Service.  And to ensure the health of our Associates and customers, we are providing free USPS postal shipping to the entire island and the United States to all of our orders by phone 787.782.5767 or on-line at and/or

As always, our products utilize only the highest-quality ingredients with uncompromising quality and purity.  I have created with the help of our resources a guide to assist in selecting which or what product is best at the moment. Click here to view the Immune System Product Guide.

In this environment, more than ever, we appreciate your continued trust in our products. As part of our Health Magnetic Store & More family, you can be certain that we will work to keep all of you and your loved ones as healthy as possible.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Irma I. Sierra, President and CEO

Health Magnetic Store & More

Click here to view the Immune System Product Guide

Click here to view Dr. Sierra's Protocol (in Spanish)

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One More Quick Note:

We're in this fight together!

While there are a lot of uncertainties and questions around how the future of our health and day to day life will turn out, there's a lot of positives as well. We are finding that many researchers are working diligently to find natural ways to help prevent and treat COVID-19 and the good news is that Dr. Sierra’s Naturals products are following suit to keep inflammation down and immunity up!

Some of our key products that are flying off the shelves are our Defend X, Pycnogenol, Essentials 75Turmeric, Hemp Plus with Turmeric and our Inflam-Health & More.   Dr. Sierra’s Naturals Inflam-Health & More contains one of the ingredients that has had high praise in research around the Coronavirus. Curcumin. 

Our Curcumin, also in Dr. Sierra's Naturals Turmeric, is composed of several active compounds known as curcuminoids of which curcumin is one of the most common. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to fight free radicals which damage our DNA and cause inflammation. Turmeric has also been shown to provide a healthy response to overall body and join inflammation as well as provide cognitive function support. The turmeric in Inflam-Health & More is grown without pesticides and standardized to 95% Pure Curcuminoids using a gentle chemical free extraction process unlike most other turmeric extracts which require chemical solvent extraction. 

Overall, Inflam-Health & More is a natural certified organic and wildcrafted blend of botanical extracts formulated for a healthy response to acute and chronic inflammation without the side effects commonly associated with over the counter medications for pain and inflammation.

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