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The healing powers of Sierra Magnets

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The healing powers of Sierra Magnets

Interview with Dr. Ralph U. Sierra by Annie Jeannette Alfaro, Editor of The New Day in the Section, Por Dentro, pages 22-23, Tuesday, April 15, 1975.

   Biomagnetic SCIENCE can be for some a sci-fi chapter; for others, it's just an art of magic. For men like Ralph Sierra, this poorly explored field by men, holds the answer to many incurable diseases today. Cosmic forces and magnetism, intimately linked to the esoteric world, have ceased to be a science fiction to become an inexhaustible source of scientific research for many in the medical field.

   Experiments related to magnets, its magnetic force and healing faculties are conducted on the second floor of Dr. Ralph Sierra's home. Daily patients with rheumatic pains, cardiac, bone and even nervous ailments visit the laboratory for treatment through the positive and negative forces of both poles of magnets. Some like our star Orlando (Peruchín) Cepeda, are faithful believers of magnets and regard Dr. Sierra as the restorer of their physical health. After receiving fulminant diagnoses from several prominent specialists in the United States. Peruchín turned to Dr. Sierra who saved his sporting destiny by healing his knee, according to Peruchín himself.

   BIOMAGNETISM is the science of applying magnetic fields to the biological system to achieve a natural degree of healing in the affected part. Because there are no magnetic sensations, no ear, eye, or tongue that can indicate when magnetism is exerting its influence on humans, many doubt this practice. It wasn't until Dr. Sierra, a chiropractor for several years, was affected by Menier syndrome that he made his foray into this new branch of science.

   "I don't blame people who don't believe in my work. However, when I myself exhausted the means to arrest my suffering, I thus to biomagnetism as a life plan. Dr. Pérez Toledo (an MD-ENT) informed me about an article published in a medical journal indicating healings through magnets that were carried out in India. I immediately wrote to them, but because of the distance, I was referred to a doctor in Florida who was conducting the same studies. I was prescribed a earphone with a magnet inside and water polarized with bicarbonate of soda. After three days, the discomfort was gone and I noticed a remarkable improvement," he explains.

   It was with Orlando Cepeda that Dr. Sierra tested the healing effects of magnetic band to treat the accumulation of water presented by the baseball player in the knee. Dr. Sierra indicates that contrary to the general belief there is a difference between the energy of the north and south pole of the magnet. "The magnet has two types of forces, the negative one at the north pole and the positive one at the south pole. The north one helps arrest or lessen the effects, while the south increases them."

   Dr. Sierra conducted a seed experiment to see how they reacted to magnets. The seeds that were exposed to the action of the south pole for 200 hours showed a greater development in their growth than those exposed to the north pole. "The same goes for human tissue," Sierra explains.

   The doctor points out that one of her first patients was a lady who had suffered for more than 10 years of contained vaginal cancer through medications and surgical interventions. When she started biomagnetics, her symptoms disappeared. Although this science has many dissidents on the island, Ralph Sierra is recognized at several medical centers in the United States, universities, and in institutes such as Cardiovascular in Miami. Weekly he receives invitations to lecture on his discoveries. On a recent visit to Dallas, his recommended diagnosis and treatment in a cancer case was discussed by several specialists at a medical convention. It was concluded that the bands and magnetized water to which the patient was exposed, helped to restore them. Favorable results won the interest of hundreds of doctors present. "The man is not cured, however, the cancer was arrested and he was able to re-enter his work," explains Dr. Sierra.

   On the other hand, it points out the chiropractor, that the researcher should remember that each of the cells in the human system is a small electric battery. The function of the organs, glands, bones and tissues of the human body are electrochemical in their functioning and nature. Based on this premise, it is summarized that, if we apply the correct electromagnetic energy to an affected part, we can definitively alleviate or cure some conditions."

   Magnetic force has been known to man for two thousand years. Magnets were used by Galen, Paracelsus and Avicenna to treat various diseases. Several decades ago, many became enriched by exploiting human ignorance, as not all magnets are appropriate to alleviate diseases in the body. They used small magnets of low power that did not lead to success. Today, Dr. Sierra and other scientists around the world can magnetize certain non-metallic elements to such an extent that they reach nearly 3,000 gauss of power and have a lifespan of three or five years.

   Among the discoveries provided by biomagnetism is that of being able to dissolve calcium and help the body's generative abilities, sealing fractures, assisting the growth of bones and fibrous materials. "Magnetized fields can help line broken segments of bones and reduce the physical effects resulting from chipped bones and pains. Dr. Sierra indicates that by means of magnets, gallstones can also be dissolved, avoiding unnecessary operations to remove abnormal growths."

   In the gardens of the scientist's residence, plants several feet high, attract the attention of all who observe them. Its size is something out of the ordinary. Sierra's wife explains that Sierra waters them with magnetized water. "In Russia, says the doctor, this water is being used in hospitals. With it there is the possibility of curing many kidney infections. It is almost at our hand, the possibility of curing kidneys, heart and other organs. It helps to enliven brain cells; in all cases makes the mind more alert. It is very easy to magnetize it, it only needs to place a small magnet in the liquid for three minutes and immediately polarizes, changing its flavor".

   Ralph's archives contain a voluminous correspondence from all over the world. Russian scientists, interested in his work, ask him for his contribution. He often corresponds with NASA physicists. On the other hand, Soviet medical studies that he possesses reveal that everyone is sensitive to magnetic changes that alter the functioning of the heart. Heart attacks increase after magnetic storms caused by the sun. Other work indicates that people who experience tiredness or depression feel symptoms sharpen during magnetic storms.

   There is no doubt that this new scale of science called biomagnetism has come a long way in the United States, England, U.S.R.R., Russia and Japan. In Puerto Rico, has a man who in almost ten years has earned international recognition. "It's a shame they don't accept it here, I know people who first die before coming to me," Sierra says.

Dr. Irma Sierra archives of her father Dr. Ralph U. Sierra are posted in this section of In all the articles you will read about our owner and founder’s legacy and purpose of this website and store. These archives includes interviews and written articles about different Science subjects but mostly Biomagnetism.  

You'll read in some of these articles that Dr. Sierra's lab and clinic was in his residence. Remember that by that time in 1975 it was also the residence of her daughter, Dr. Irma Sierra.  Her environment was Biomagnetic Research, Chiropractic, application of magnets, nutritional supplements, accompanying Dr. Sierra travel’s for lectures, so she grew up with the knowledge of Biomagnetism and Chiropractic, plus was also trained by her father to prepare all the magnetic bands and magnets, that today we give them the name Dr. Sierra Magnets.

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