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Making a Difference for PAIN

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Date: 09/08/2017
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From the beginning of time, people have been trying to find ways to fight pain naturally. Pain is, unfortunately, a fact of life for many people, whether on a chronic or acute basis.

Health Magnetic Store & More has many natural pain and anti-inflammatory solutions between headaches, physical traumas, accidents, sports injuries, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, cramps or spasms, aging, fibromyalgia and the like.  We are here to provide guidance and healthy alternatives that work effectively and quickly without the dangers of side effects.

Awareness of the potential side effects of the OTC (over the counter) and prescription products is growing, as more natural products are available, some of which do not stand up to their claims and/or are of poor quality.  Our company pays close attention to sources of the ingredients.   There has been a trend to take health into your own hands by looking for natural alternatives or complementary products to traditional medical treatments and we are here to help you choose wisely.  Positive clinical results in individuals who have taken our botanicals have shown to be both effective and fast acting.  

Dr. Sierra’s Natural solutions for pain can be ingested orally via capsule or liquid or as topical treatments. Our most preferred delivery method continues to be capsules and liquids for more bioavailability and their ease in transporting, storing, and swallowing.  For discomfort, sometimes customers combine them with a topical cream so they can place directly on the area that seems to be causing their discomfort.

Fact: no one is immune from pain. And pain can impact quality of life.

In a 2015 analysis by the National Institute of Health, more than 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. reported experiencing daily pain over a three-month period; moreover, the data indicated that half of the adult population experienced some sort of pain during the same time frame.  Even children are not unaffected. As the population ages, minor aches and pains are a common complaint.

Many studies are looking at the effects of curcumin, deriving from turmeric, as that is one of the most popular anti-inflammatory supplements in the natural sector.  Inflam Health & more and Trauma Less are our formulations of turmeric that features ingredients that both relieves pain right away and stops the inflammation that is causing the pain, giving the body a chance to heal, and in fact, helping heal the damage outright.  They both contain a comprehensive mix of antioxidant components to promote a healthy anti-inflammatory response.

For joint health, Lig- Disc & Joint (which includes white willow) and Joint Food (contains Sea Cucumber, Devil’s Claw and Celadrin®, both Dr. Sierra’s formulation of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, , as well as a comprehensive mix of antioxidant and enzymes components to promote a healthy anti-inflammatory response, improve flexibility and to help increase calcium uptake for bone and joint strength.

Dr. Jarrot Sierra’s Chiropractic doctors recommend their patients a combination of Inflam Health & more or Trauma Less with Lig- Disc & Joint or Joint Food for spinal disc disease. They have found an 80% reduction in inflammatory compounds reducing damage to the joint as well as facilitate healing.  Also patients incorporate static magnets to be used for home care.

Bone Health & More is a formula that includes a comprehensive mix of minerals components and herbs for bone health.   Valerian root and Passion flower can also be found in Relax-S, along with magnesium for muscle aches and general relaxing.  Studies find a significant association between bone density and magnesium levels.  Magnesium assists calcium in building bone strength and  stimulates the hormone calcitonin.  That helps draw calcium out of the blood and soft tissues and put it back into the bones. Too much calcium in the blood and tissues can increase the risk of arthritis, heart attack, and kidney stones, as well as osteoporosis.  And getting more magnesium may mean you need less than the government's recommended 1,200 mg of calcium per day.  One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that increasing magnesium while lowering calcium to 500 mg per day was enough to increase bone density.  Check out Bone Health & More and Relax-S.

Then Pain-Less capsules are known to be used as an alternative to OTC pain relief medications. Non-addictive and totally natural pain relief formula high in white willow herb and magnesium salicylate that supports, improved joint mobility, cartilage production, natural pain relief, and anti-inflammatory.

The company has also launched Pain Less cream + Cannabis oil, an OTC topical medication with cannabis oil, menthol, camphor and arnica montana which Dr. Sierra said works quickly for arthritis or muscle/joint pain.

A relatively new product in Dr Sierra’s Naturals supplements is CBD extracted from hemp, Hemp Plus. “There is a common misconception that hemp is another rewording for marijuana. While they both are cousins within the Cannabis genus, they are indeed separate species of plant. The critical difference is that the psychoactivity or ‘high’ a consumer gets from marijuana is absent from hemp products. As such, hemp and CBD derived from it are legal across the U.S. and in many countries around the world—it is now around for natural pain and inflammation relief.  Our Hemp Plus & more Blend has Boswelia and Frankincence Serrata included in the CBD.

As poor posture, pro-inflammatory diets, toxins (food, drinks, air, EMF), obesity, and increasing age take their toll on our population, pain will likely increasingly be a problem. 

As a Wellness store it is our priority that our consumers know more about the risks of drugs to treat pain, and visit Health Magnetic Store & More to find safe and effective pain relief and other products to attain optimal health.

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