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Polarization of water subject to magnetic fields.

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Date: 09/05/2015 @ 1:00:58 pm
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In the research of Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, scientist and pioneer in the science of Biomagnetism in Puerto Rico, found that the water that comes into contact with the magnetic field of a magnet changes its properties. Experience has shown that magnetized water helps in the treatment of almost all diseases, and is especially beneficial in digestive, nervous and urinary disorders.
 Magnetized water reduces excess acidity and normalizes bowel movements, improves digestion, increases appetite, expel sickness and gives power and health to the person taking it regularly. This wonderful water is also very good in nervous disorders and blood pressure. It produces a soothing and slightly sedative effect on the nervous system, it helps clear clogged arteries, normalizes the circulatory system, nourishes and gives strength.

Polarization of water subjected to magnetic fields.

The therapeutic effects are related to the polarity of the magnets, the effects of water that has made contact with the negative pole of the magnet are different than the water that has made contact to the positivepole of the magnet. Magnetic water is one that contacts the magnetic field of a magnet and therefore changes its properties. But water does not have magnetic property to say that it is magnetic, once away from a magnet and / or not consuming it in less than 48 hours, its magnetism is lost and needs to be re-polarized.

When the disease has been present, it is useful to know for sure the polarity of water needed and the precise amounts according to the general state of the person.

Health Magnetic Store provides various useful magnets for preparing the polarized water. When using the Dr. Sierra’s magnetic pencil you obtain water polarization from both poles. The magnetic pads for water bottles, blocks like the N-1, N-2 or cylinder for jars or gallons, are used for alkalizing (North Pole, negative -) or acidifying (South Pole positive +),  as each pole side of the magnet is different.

Water can be oxygenated, ozonated, alkalized or distilled however it can also be energized to magnetize orpolarize and thus enhance their therapeutic benefits. Water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. This substance, which occupies 75% of the human body, has great therapeutic powers that make it the most simple, economical and effective medicine. Therefore, more and more experts say to drink enough water daily would be enough to prevent the occurrence of many diseases, including degenerative. But not to confuse water with liquid. The human body needs at least 2 liters of water a day and alcohol, tea, coffee or soft drinks are liquid ... but not water.
Polarized magnetic water use and external auxiliary washing of inflamed or irritated eyes, wounds, eczema outbreaks, etc., for a faster recovery is also recommended. In all types of ophthalmic infections surprising results are achieved if the eyes are washed several times a day with magnetized water with the north pole. To maintain a normal eye vision there is nothing like the daily washing of the eyes with magnetized water.
The magnetized water has many possibilities, little known and many still undiscovered. Any person can prepare it with ease at home, such as filters, magnets, etc.

For regular use water that has been magnetized three minutes or longer, if for any cup or 16-ounce bottle is used. If for a gallon of water to a small magnet four to six hours as the  Sierra’s domino magnet or leave either on the cylinder, N-1 or N-2 is recommended in your fridge.
This information is the result of research and was taken in various articles and authors.

Benefits of magnetized (polarized) water / drinks:

  • Normalize blood pressure.

  • Eliminate the bad cholesterol and salt accumulated in the veins and arteries
Balancing the circulatory system. Prevent thrombosis.

  • Improve digestion (reduces excess bile in the digestive tract
Recommended to keep you  free of discomfort and / or digestive conditions

  • Normalize bowel movement and relieve constipation.

  • Improved renal function and relieves urinary tract infections (dissolves kidney stones, removing the sand from the kidneys and bladder)

  • To strengthen the nervous system
Enhance the immune system.

  • Reduce inflammation and ease pain.

  • It is effective in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and fevers all

  • Enable detoxification processes.

  • Encourage energy, health and energy given to the person taking it regularly
Maintain the balance of the magnetic fields of the body.

  • Increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

  • Reduce excess acidity.

  • Can be consumed by the whole family, without exception age or health status.

As personal data,  I have used the water, magnetically polarized for 50 years, in all phases of my life even during my three pregnancies and lactation.
  I make sure the water is in contact with the magnetic field before drinking it.

I'll give you some ideas: 
If you have access to a refrigerator, basically all day, then you should invest in the Dr.  Sierra's Magnetic Water Cylinder, also the N-1 to put under your pitcher so that it is regularly filled with water or the domino magnet that it can be be left attached with a tape to the container. That same water lasts 48 hours polarized, which can fill your thermos or bottle, make sure it is recyclable or BPA free, although to these you can stick a magnet that we have already prepared for these accessories. We also have a "Magnetic Water Cooler" you can insert and change their water bottles. And of course our Dr. Sierra's Magnetic Water Pencil, that you can take it everywhere and polarizes water glass at a time. Even suppose you are travelling or away from home with a magnetic hand or leg support,  that same support,  you can use it to wrap around ther plastic water bottle, also if carrying a magnetic flex pad or 4x4 pad.  You see, after the polarity of the magnet is known, you can use up these too to polarize the water, juices, dressings, astringents and skin creams. You can also use your polarized water to cook, or prepare your coffee or tea and wash your face or any part of the body that have a problem.

There are so many benefits without side effects that I think,  I would not dare ever stop polarizing my water.  You should begin your next decade of your life optimizing your health with something that is essential, water, giving a magnetic touch and change, feed and energize the cells of the tissues of the entire body from the inside out.

Every day, a glass at a time!

Magnetically yours!

Dr. Irma Sierra

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