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Puerto Rico Scientific Research Laboratory, Inc.
Biomagnetic- Research on Biological System
1707 Arkansas St
San Juan, Puerto Rico

1975©SIERRA PR Scientific Research Lab 
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By: Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, 1975

(1). The “N” Bio-magnet is black and slate like in appearances, it is very hard material and will brake if dropped, it can and should be washed after each use in warm soapy water, and then wiped dry.  “N” Bio-magnet refers to N-1 or N-2 bar. Press here to link to these magnets.

(2). In researching with myself and with animals, the results have shown that: If the N, magnet is applied to a bruise, a broken bone, stiff joint, many forms of infection, some forms of arthritis, and allied complaints, the pain will ease and relief will follow, this has been shown in many years of research into the effect of the North Pole Of The “N” Biomagnet. The North Pole is the “UNMARKED SIDE””, of the “N” Biomagnet. The SOUTH SIDE, is marked with RED DOTS, this makes it easy to tell one pole of energy from the other.

(3). The  South side of the N. Magnet—Is the south pole side, it is positive energy, while the North pole side, the unmarked side, is negative energy, while the North pole side, the unmarked side is negative energy. Each form of energy effects a different reaction to the living system when applied. The South pole, red dot side, -acts to encourage life, it should be used only- ONLY- when and where on the,---living system there is  “NO” infection, as the south side encourages all forms of life, and any infection contains bacteria, germs and these too would then be also encouraged, this we do not want. The use of the North Pole side (unmarked side) of the Biomagnet, has been shown to effect a control on infections, as has been found in the research on many types of cancers, cancer tumors. As I have researched cancer control by Biomagnets form many years.

(4). Time, time of use is very important to get the very best results. The exact time of used was arrived at by carefully watching many types and kinds of animals, they went to the N pole of the N Magnet and rested on it for from 20 to 40 minutes, then left it. In my own personal research, when I had a cold, a cold in my back, stiff muscles, I found that applying the north pole side of the N Biomagnet directly to the effected part, location for 30 minutes, once morning and once evening I obtained relief, in short order. A common head cold, I have found is due to a rundown physical condition, I have found is due to a rundown physical condition, I have found that an intake of vitamin C, and Iron Tablets, did a lot to build up a form of resistance to the common head cold as well. The Chest, I found is a good place to apply the North Pole Side in cases of colds. Then after the cold has being arrested, the South Pole encourages strength.

(5). Since every living system has a different nature and responds to our efforts to help it, in different ways, then this should also be noted: That- in the case of researching towards the relief of the common cold or- internal colds, as colds can and do, settle in the upper back, stomach, hips, and extended members of the body, as well- as the chest, lungs and other locations, in other words, the animal, or myself, as a person, does not have to have a runny nose, or sneezing to have a cold, a cold can be located and is in many cases, in many parts of the body at different time.

When a head cold, is located in the head its self:-Placing the unmarked side of the N, magnet against the neck, just below the ear. And down the throat, for 15 minutes to each side of the animals head, I have noted as, again, with-myself, in two or more research applications there has being a reduction in the cold effects, and fever if such is not of any great rise in body temperature.

(6). If- in the use of the N Biomagnet on the chest, an after feeling of a form of tightness, of the chest appears, then- switch to the south pole, for the chest. The North Poles reactions to the living system is to reduce, to make compact, to bring together. While the South Pole Of the N, Biomagnet acts to: Encourage strength, to expand, to enlarge, to give life in the form of strength.

(7). Strength:- In watching the many types and forms of animals, I was to learn a great deal about the south poles use, to add to, to make possible, the reaction of its form of energy, to provide strength. The aftermath of this, has shown that, if the south pole (red dot side) is applied 3 inches below the navel of any animal, or myself, and others to, have supported me, in this findings, for 30 minutes a day, there is a very marked- rise in the overall strength of, the living system. One important thing was noticed, that if this research was done on retiring at night the results seemed to be the best. The research animals, also.

(8). The Magnetic Mother- is the name of one of my foremost research discoveries. When chicken eggs- were exposed –to- the south pole of the N, Biomagnet for 10 hours, then placed in the hatcher, when they hatcher out, they did so sooner than the average 21 days time, and when they came from the eggs as little chicks, they all went at once (still wet) to the south pole of the Biomagnet, (one was installed in the hatcher.) The baby chicks, sensed that there were was motherly-strength there, so that were they all cuddle up to, this research experiment has been- reproduced many, many times, they sensed that the magnet was their mother, went to it for- comfort and for strength. (The South Pole). Each chick seemed to- have built in time clock, as- as soon as they had- had enough they each left the magnet, each in exactly 4 to 5 minutes Time. Nature is wonderful Thing. As we learn so much from Nature.

Dr. Ralph U. Sierra

©SIERRA PR Scientific Research Lab 1972

©Health Magnetic Store & More 2014

NOTE:  HMS covers the N-1 and N-2 magnets with duct tape and mark the SOUTH POLE with red tape and leave the NORTH side in gray.  We cover them to protect them.  Since these magnets are ceramic, they may break or chip if they fall. 

Once again here is the link:  Dr. Ralph Sierra's original magnets- ceramic