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Start Magnetic Kit

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Date: 09/10/2020
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Start Magnetic Kit

This is the only product you need to have in your medicine cabinet.

All the products we prepare at Health Magnetic Store & More are fantastic, but there is a product that has a very special place in my heart and here's why:

I have been using it since I was a child, it has been my salvation during times of pain (menstruation, neck pain, high and low back, pain of shoulders, hands, feet and occasionally colds or flu, headache, ear and belly ache). Remember that my job as a doctor in Chiropractic was to be on my feet and bend my back down to patients and on many occasions apply some force, day after day, week after week for 25 years, (not to mention being a mother of 3). However, the best thing is that in my 50 years plus, I have controlled and prevented diseases that never developed since I use them every day.  Nothing more and nothing less than the original magnets, Dr. Sierra Magnets™, who with their invisible "force" provide that healing and wellbeing effect.

When Dr. Sierra (Dad) began researching the magnetic field into the human body, there was an overwhelmingly positive reception. They all reported rapid pain relief. One of his patients was so impressed that he referred to the N-1 magnet as “The Doctor at Home”, others saying “It's magical for pain”, even his magnetic bands were called, “Dr. Sierra Magic Bands.”

When I started seeing patients in 1985, I had the same results when applying the magnetic field as complementary therapy to Chiropractic treatments.  All along, I continued to prepare Sierra magnets, and over the years, I was expanding his products. Today, the reducing and instant pain-reducing properties of Dr. Sierra Magnet's™ are also referred to as "magic.  The funny thing is that the N-1 is the doctor in your house remark continue as the domino magnet is the “tiny doctor”, (that's what I say), one for larger areas and others for more localized areas.

Over the past four decades, I've seen magnets help people heal and recover from trauma (falls or accidents), highly inflammatory arthritis, wounds, fractures, burns, multiple sclerosis, and parkinson's. On several occasions I have received comments that you receive bad news better than before since they started using the magnetic field.  I've even seen breast tumors shrink or go away within a few days or weeks when negative polarity domino magnets (this needs to be clarified) placed directly on the tumor.

The use of magnets does not replace any medical treatment, but it can serve as a very good complement. What we want is that if you are not healthy to assist the body with magnetic energy to be able to deal better with the physiological changes that the human body goes through.

“Discover Magnetism, Get closer to Natural Energy”

(Note: in these types of chronic diseases, the maximum benefit comes from using magnets almost 24 hours a day, just as an animal living in nature would be. I know it can be difficult to be with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the more hours you can be connected to the magnetic field, the greater the potential for improvement).

We believe that Biomagnetism is part of all Achieving Wellness!

One magnet is not enough! Dr. Sierra Magnet's™ “Start Magnetic Kit” is the only product I firmly believe everyone should have as part of their health arsenal and medicine cabinet.

If you have any chronic illnesses or know someone who has it, use Dr. Sierra Magnet's™ "Start Magnetic kit”. 

No one should have to live in pain.

Get yours now:

The Start Magnetic Kit includes:

  1. N-1 magnet
  2. Water Cylinder Magnet to Magnetize water or liquids to be taken
  3. 2 Domino magnets
  4. Book: Power in a Magnet or The Power of the Magnet, please choose language.

by Dr. Irma I Sierra