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What are Negative ions?

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Date: 08/03/2018
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The feeling of improvement you get from a breath of fresh air on the morning of trip to the mountains or the ocean is no coincidence. You experienced the effect of negative ions. Although the feeling of euphoria felt may be due in part to the beauty that was around or for just being away from the daily pressure of home or work, the air that circulates in the mountains and on the beach contains thousands of negative ions.

Nature is one of the greatest healing forces available to us still to this day. It is no magic trick that removing yourself from the clutter of your busy everyday life to relax can do wonders for your health. However, there’s more to it than simply getting away. The reason nature can make you feel so great is something produced by naturally occurring forces such as sunlight, water, air, and even the earth’s radiation. Something too small to be seen, they are negative ions.

And what is a Negative Ion (an Anion)?

An anion (-) is an ion with more electrons than protons, which gives a net negative charge (since the electrons are negatively charged and the protons are positively charged).

Ions are an atom that has gained or lost a charge. So when we say negative ions we are talking about an oxygen atom charged with an extra electron. They are a necessity to human health. Negative ions are found in high quantity in places that have large bodies of water; this could be a beach, a lake, or a waterfall for example.


One natural producer of negative ions that everyone typically has in their home is a shower. The steam produced from the heat of the shower generates negative ions and is a contributing factor to why we feel so refreshed and revitalized when after taking one. With a similar effect, when there is a thunderstorm, many people notice a feeling of well-being. This is because the storm and / or rain saturates the air with large amounts of negative ions. Negative ions are scientifically tied to a lot of health benefits, but getting them is not always so easy.
Our homes and offices are often flooded by clutter, waste and technology, that they tend to lack negative ions exposure. Many of us live in areas where natural factors generating negative ions have been removed or altered.   Our increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins can lead to more instances of illness, more cases of headaches, and an overall feeling of decreased mood and energy, plus has rising rates of cancers, stress, sleep disorders and a myriad of accompanying illnesses. Computers, cellular telephones and the electronics within cars all play a part in creating an increase in our positive ion exposure. Today’s automobiles and residences are tightly sealed, further lessening our abilities to truly recharge our bodies. Our bodies are simply producing a natural response to unnatural stimuli.

As a result, a prevalence of positive ions may take root in our surroundings. Positive ions can be anything from harmful toxins, airborne viruses, or many other things that can make us sick and feeling less than ready to carry on with our daily routines.

Negative ions may be invisible, but their benefits for your health do not go unnoticed.

The benefits of negative ions are not something you have to wait to kick in. Once you begin exposure, you will feel an immediate difference. You take that feeling of a bright sunny morning on the beach with you. You can take the benefits of a weekend getaway to your favorite wooded seclusion with you. Negative ions are essential to living properly and making an active effort to make sure you are getting a vital amount can be the difference between living life and excelling at it.

6 Major Actions of Negative Ions (Anion)

(1) Purification of Blood: Anions increase the top five factors of blood (nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, sodium, and potassium) and make our blood become slightly alkali, and thus purify our blood.

(2) Restoration of Cells: Our body consists of about 6 trillion cells, and if our body has blood with a great number of anions (alkali attributes), the movement of cells is active and anions help supply nutrition within our cells and discharge waste materials. With these actions, sick cells and dead cells are restored, and calcium increases, and the increased calcium makes the movement of muscles more active, especially cardiac muscles, resulting in a strong heart.

 (3) Increase of Resisting Power: Gamma globulin is a kind of protein contained in serum, and is an immunizing antibody.  When anions increase within the human body, the amount of gamma globulin in the blood also increases.  Therefore, it helps maintain a healthful body by increasing the resistance power against infection of viruses with an increase of antibodies

(4) Adjustment ability of Autonomic Nerves: Autonomic nerves control all the organs automatically, regardless of a person’s will. The quantity of anions controls the autonomous nervous system, such as blood and organs in which the state or feeling of human's body are favorable. Hence, anions vitalize the nervous system, blood and lymph, and play a critical role to strengthen weakened functions and provide vitality.

(5) Pain Relief:  Anions increase ionized calcium, generate endorphins and enkephalins and thus help recovery from fatigue and strengthen physical strength, as well as make the cells in the human body with severe pain healthy again, circulate blood well, and relieve pain.

(6) Increase Awareness Level: Negative Ions promote alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude, which translates to a higher awareness level. The metabolism is enhanced to create better utilization of nutrients from our foods and vitamins, while our brain's intuitive, nonlinear activities flow more smoothly. Negative ions promotes alpha brainwaves and increase brainwave amplitude, which translates to a higher awareness level. Those ion-induced alpha waves spread from the occipital areas to the parietal and temporal and even reach the frontal lobes, spreading evenly across the right and left brain hemispheres.  Anions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which allows for more mental energy, greater alertness, and decrease in drowsiness , creating an overall clear and calming effect, benefiting meditation and concentration.

As every day the human being has less contact with nature we should wear something magnetic. If you work inside with air conditioners, computer systems, cellular phones, electrical appliances, or if you live in a building or surrounded by buildings, less parks or trees, or if you are driving or traveling often, cars, planes or trains, or be near other areas that distance us from the natural magnetic field, should use something magnetic.

Obtain Negative ions from wearing a constant “artificial” magnetic North Pole, negative (-) field, in form of a brace, support, insoles, pads and/or jewelry in your body, The invisible energy will polarize your blood. When this occurs it will improve your circulation and you will feel stronger, with energy. It also reduces the tension of your body because all the normal functions of your body will occur with less work.

Every injury and maybe all diseases, even being tired to exhaustion, are influenced by electromagnetic fields, natural or artificial. The intriguing thing is the fact that any living entity that is deprived of a magnetic field smaller than that of the Earth for a long period of time, would suffer complicated and frequent anguish, illnesses and finally die.

Our bodies "recharge" with anions which permeate the blood stream by absorption through the skin. These particles help to optimize and regulate key cell functions such as regulating serotonin, the mood chemical, to optimal levels.

The funny thing is that we cannot exist without a magnetic field!

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Generally speaking, negative ions will protect and help improve the inflammation and pain problems especially arthritis, fight against stress, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which makes them more alert, less heavy and increases energy.