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You may experience positive changes in your physical and daily health, the closer you are to the negative polarity of the North pole.  Although the disorder has existed for thousands of years, a name was not designated for this condition until 1976. Then, in 1990, the American College of Rheumatology published a formal set of diagnostic criteria.

Favorite medicine prescribed:

Lyrica is a drug originally designed for the pain of diabetic neuropathy, and was rejected because of its mediocre results and many side effects, including weight gain, edema, dizziness and drowsiness. One of the main concerns surrounding Lyrica is the tendency of this drug to cause substantial weight gain, especially considering that many patients with fibromyalgia are already overweight. In the three-month trials of the drug, 9% of patients had a weight gain of more than 7%, and their weight continued to increase steadily over time. And, as you already suspect, this is a high risk, considering that fibromyalgia can not be cured with a pill.

Common side effects of: Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella
  1. Dizziness (31%)
  2. Nausea (20-25%)
  3. Fatigue (22%)
  4. Dry mouth
  5. Interaction with other Medications
  6. Hypertension
  7. Suicidal Thoughts
  8. Concentration Problems
  9. Swelling/ Bloating/ Inflammation
  10. Weight Gain (Approx 32.5lbs per person)
5 out of 6 People die from these causes. Do not expect it to be too late, if you have the knowledge you can see it coming and moving to the right side. We are going to teach you.

Who has fibromyalgia?
Scientists estimate that fibromyalgia in the United States affects 5 million people, 18 years of age or older. Between 80 and 90 percent of the people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women. However, men and children may also have the disorder. Most cases are diagnosed at a mature age.

 We know that drugs do not help then, so why risk taking them?
 What triggers the trigger? Examples of events are:

  •     Emotional Trauma
  •     An infection
  •     An accident
  •     An illness
  •     Surgery

These triggering events do not cause fibromyalgia; rather, they might awaken an underlying physiological abnormality that is already present. The trigger simply underlines your body at its "turning point"

What is it?
Fibromyalgia is a chronic generalized skeletal muscle pain disorder characterized by pain, stiffness, tenderness of the soft tissues, general fatigue, dormer disturbances among others.

Where it happens?
The pain can spread through any part of your body, but the most common sites tend to be the neck, back, shoulders, pelvic girdle and hands.

The million dollar question? The mystery of what causes this diagnosis.

Current thinking is that fibromyalgia is a central processing disorder with mis-regulation in the neuroendocrine / neurotransmitter system.
In other words, if you have fibromyalgia you experience pain amplification due to abnormal sensory processing in the central nervous system, in which it responds pathologically.

How do Drs Sierra, Jarrot and the Jarrot Sierra's REPAIR? Tools!

  1. Magnets: Static or Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (pEMF)
  2. Chiropractic Adjustments
  3. Supplementation
  4. Laser
  5. Hydromassage

Rehabilitate yourself in your home with the use of Magnets

To recharge those batteries!

Doctors Sierra began in the late 1960s to apply magnetic fields to patients. Dr. Ralph Sierra invented the use of flexible bands for pain and disease.  Then in early 1980's Dr. Irma Sierra continued the treatments with magnets. Today her children (3) have followed their grandfather and mother's footsteps and combine Chiropractic care with Magnets and the 5 steps above.

The fundamental difference between allopathic medicine and chiropractic or biomagnetism is that the first attend the symptom and the second seeks and treats the etiology of the disease.

It is documented that the diseases of man and woman are the product of alterations that occur in the pH of the organism. These alterations allow pathogens that generate dysfunctions to be installed in the body. By leveling the acidosis or alkalinity of these specific points it is possible to eradicate the pathogens that generate the dysfunctions, it restores the balance of the body and it recovers the health.

Imagine living a life with quality of health!
As health professionals, we recommend several things to our patients. First, a support with magnets for the area or areas that most affect their quality of life. There are magnetic pads that are used if you do not want the braces.

Second, it is good to sleep on a magnetic mat. We have several, it all depends on your budget and how advance the condition is.  There are 2 small ones that are high power that you can accommodate in your bed under the most affected area and change the location every night. Magnetic pillow pad  and Mat Pad. 
Third is to use Bio-magnetic jewelry. Here you will find a great variety, even the pearls are magnetic. We recommend the stainless steel, bracelet, necklace or ankle bracelet, or it may be titanium bracelets. The reason for Stainless Steel and Titanium is that they are durable and do not have to be removed. You can bathe with them. I personally use 2 bracelets as they also help me to stay healthy. Currently this jewelry has discount.
The next thing is the water you are taking should be polarized. Magnetic Pencil  and / or a ceramic magnet that you can use for your water jar, or the famous N-1.  The N-1 can be applied to any area with pain or discomfort while resting.
The last and not least, is my book, which gives more information on the use of this wonderful alternative therapy. Power in a Magnet You can get it in English or Spanish. If you get the English, and you read Spanish, send us an email and we will give you the book of Dr. Ralph U Sierra, Energia Magnetica and with this combo are 3 books of a lot of information! Sierra was the pioneer of the field of Biomagnetism and we have continued, with experience about 50 years!
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